Do you have a difficult time removing body hair? Well, hair growth is inevitable. As girls and even men, we want to have flawless skin. What is the best way to eliminate body hair? In this article, we write about shaving vs epilating vs waxing. Let’s find out on the best way of removing body hair based on my experience.

1. Shaving
Shaving is the art of using something sharp to cut hair. Many people complain that this can create darker skin. This is due to the hair that continuously grows. Instead of getting rid of the root, you’re just cutting it off like a branch, and it just keeps getting thicker and thicker. Shaving is the easiest and less painful way to get rid of hair, but it isn’t always the best. 🙂

2. Epilating
Epilating literally mean hair-removal. Epilating is art of getting rid of the hair follicle, usually in the form of pulling using an “epilating” device. This use to be the norm, but not everyone can take the pain. If you can take plucking, then you can take epilating. I didn’t like shaving my underarm hair, so I tried epilating. Here is the advice I use and would recommend for newbies.

Before I buy something, I always do my research and make sure they have four to five stars. This does the job. I’ve noticed my underarms whitens after a few uses. There are other epilating devices out there that are still being used. This is a cheaper option to waxing, but it is still better than shaving. I used to epilate for the longest time until my body was able to to take waxing.

3. Waxing
The art of getting rid of not only the follicle but dead skin cells too. Usually, it is faster than epilating if you consider going to the salon to have someone do it for you.Waxing is a very common way to get rid of hair in the US. This might come expensive and painful, but it is worth it. If you are new, consider having a professional do it for a year (this is what I did). After, buy your wax warmer and wax at Amazon because it’s cheaper than most places. I promise that this will pay for itself. Here is what I ordered from Amazon.

I’ve always used hard wax. European wax center convinced me since this is the kind they also use, but their brand. Hard wax seems easier to me since I just need to put it on the area that needs waxing then wait and pull! I don’t need to buy those extra strips they use for other waxes. The only thing that I need is those large popsicle sticks.
Money saver- Buy the 100 pieces at Walmart. They’re so much cheaper than Amazon.

After waxing our skin will end up being clean and smooth. Although I know a lot of people that just stick to waxing, I still know a good handful of people that stick to shaving and epilating. Which one works for you? For epilating vs shaving vs waxing, what do you think works or doesn’t work?

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