Where to buy groceries: Wholesale vs Retail

When buying groceries, we consider the a store that can afford our budget. We also consider how big our families are. Retail stores offer us a way to buy things in small quantities. Although wholesale stores require some sort of fee to be a member, but wholesale stores may be cheaper in the long run. If you’ve asked yourself every time you make a list “Should I buy these wholesale or in retail? Which one would be cheaper?” Let me help you. Below are the tips that you should consider:

  1. Families who eat a lot, get a membership at a wholesale warehouse

Families who have no time to go couponing, just get a membership at Costco or Sams. Costco and Sams usually have warehouse coupons since they don’t accept regular coupons, so you’re still saving money and time.  They’re already discounted. Why not spend 55 dollars to get a membership if you’re going to get that money back and more?

  1.  Work at home Moms can invest in couponing

I’ve watched too many tv series, and I continuously check the internet for extreme couponing. I came to the conclusion that just rarely have the time to the couponing. Mom’s who have plenty of time at home can benefit from this. To people who are new to couponing, try it out.  By the way, this can be a full-time job.  You can save a lot more (I’ve seen people get stuff for free) but you need to invest the time looking for coupons and looking through retail ads if things go on sale.  Here’s the trick: Find ads that have a sale on their items, add as many coupons allowed on top = lowest price ever (or maybe even better, free!)

  1.  Things that you occasionally buy, get it in a retail store

Obviously warehouses do not carry everything you need, although I noticed that they would shift their inventory depending on the season.  If there’s an item that’s not categorized as a seasonal item (like nail polish remover, nails), then it will not be at warehouses. This is the only time you buy at retail stores.  If it’s a rare item(okay fine, not that rare) where you think only specialized stores have it like Lowes, Walgreens, etc. Try googling for coupons first. They might have something for you.

  1.  Subscribe on Amazon and save!

This one is not very popular. I only found out when I kept reordering things like printer ink.  Amazon has a subscribe and save program, where you can set a recurring time when they’ll send you your item. I have my black tea sent to me every two months, my printer ink sent to me every four months, and some carpet cleaner every three months. It’s pretty cool since I don’t have to look for it; Amazon just sends it to me, while I get that 5% off.

  1. Don’t have time for veggies?  Make use of deliveries ( Amazon fresh, Google delivers, etc.)

This is only available to people who live in Rural areas. I live in North San Diego, and they still don’t have it here, sadly. We all know that we need our fruits and veggies, why not have the amazon or google deliver it right to your door? Honestly, I would use this service if they only covered where I lived. 🙁 No more running to the store because we ran out of bananas! Again, you can set your preferred reoccurrence.

Maybe your mind is fighting on where to buy your groceries. Moms out there no need to worry about buying groceries. You have a lot of option when buying your groceries whether it’s in retail stores or in wholesale. Do you agree?

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