When you have to become brave


When you have to become brave!


It has gotten to the point that I was approaching another chapter in my life. To be separated away from what has groomed me into. That is leaving the military service. I was faced with a plate full of worries.

“What about this? This one? That one? How about that? Those?”

The fear of losing your source of income and not knowing how long your savings will last felt like a roller coaster barrelling down to a broken track, and you are in the front seat! Even with all of the planning and preparations, I felt small and hopeless.

After 4 months of being discharged out of the military, I survived. I’m still able to pay my dues, feed my family, and pursue my educational goals. I pulled my big boy pants way up and told myself that there’s still a chance. Life isn’t going to stop when I leave my career. Some people make it after they got out. Others may have stumbled along the way. But I braved out the storm. I’m braving it out. I’m definitely not going to give up. Not now.
All I can say to life and its adversities…

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