Veterans day comes once a year and what better way to celebrate it than by going restaurants that offer free food? If you’re a veteran or active duty military, take advantage as it’s always nice to go out and eat once and a while. Where there is a large list of restaurants offering discounts or free food, below is a list of all the entrees Chilis has to offer.

I’ve been really busy lately and that’s why I haven’t posted in a long while. Since I wanted to eat at Chilis today but didn’t want to wait, I decided to look up what they had for their entrees. I didn’t know what the entrees looked like so I did a little bit of searching. Hence, I present to you, the Veterans Day 2018 Chilis Menu!


Warning: If you live near a military base, expect it to get packed!

⭐Here’s a tip: Order takeout instead and pick it up ?

Chicken Crispers

Margarita Grilled chicken

Bowl of chilly or soup or salad

Sorry, I couldn’t really find a photo for this entree. If someone finds it, please leave a comment and I’ll add it ?

Chicken Ranch Quesadillas

Just bacon burger

Oldtimer with cheese

Cajun chicken pasta

Image result for cajun chicken pasta chilis
There you have it! I hope this Veterans Day Chilis Menu helps you figure out what you want to get today.  I’m torn between the Oldtimer with cheese and Cajun chicken pasta. What do you think?

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