Udemy’s mission is for anyone to learn anything anywhere and anytime, transforms lives and our ability to learn on-demand! It changes the face of learning and growth for people all around the globe. Currently, Udemy has 10 million+ students signed up for one (or many) of their 40,000+ courses offered by qualified instructors in 80+ languages. From learning how to sleep better to learning to sew to becoming fluent in another language, Udemy offers it all in an on-demand, learn on your own time, and your own pace setting.

With 40,000 courses to choose from, how do you decide? Here are ten of the most popular courses on Udemy to give you a taste of what you should be trying! And don’t forget to add the course to your CV or resume.

1. Become a SuperLearner: Learn Speed Reading and Advanced Memory

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This course focuses on teaching you skills to read, retain, and learn more efficiently. Over 50,000 students have taken this course since it began on Udemy in 2013 and receives an almost five-star rating. This course offers a baseline learning bump that will improve every aspect of your life. It is also affordable at $20.

If you are looking to speed up your ability to learn and retain information. This course helps you achieve those goals. Living in a fast-paced world requires we take in and understand a lot of information at once.

Take this course if you: Want to learn faster and retain more information.

2. The Lean Startup

udemy course lean startup

For $40, you learn about the basics of launching new products or services, in a world that always has a new product on the horizon. There have been almost 3,000 students who have benefited from the lessons of starting on a small budget. If you are thinking about or already begun a new project, this course will help you understand the business of what you need to do.

Nine out of ten startups will fail. With those staggering statistics, this course is built for the entrepreneur longing to succeed focusing on budgeting and funding your startup.

Take this course if you: If you are trying to get a start up successfully off the ground.

3. The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites

complete web dev course course udemy

Developing a website is one of the most important skills to have in the changing landscape of our world. Whether you are going the traditional employment route or starting your own business of website. Having the skills and knowledge to develop your own website will serve you well. This course, for $40, will give you what 200,000+ students have learned, including some brand new coding exercises.

Whether you are starting a business and want to keep the web development in house or want to add a highly-valued skill to your website, learning the basics of web development serves you well in the high-tech, Internet-based world we live in. Even if you have no skills, this course is for the beginner. It has practical coding exercises along with lecture.

Take this course if you: Want to keep costs low in starting a business by creating your own website, or want to make extra money with a side hustle developing websites.

4. Beginner to Pro in Excel

beginner excel udemy course top 10

Excel’s program is not as intuitive as Word, and it is essential knowledge for most career fields. If you want to impress and wow, this course helps you move around Excel like you have been doing it for years. Your efficiency will improve because you are no longer trying to figure out the next steps. For $30, you can take this almost five star rated course.

Most work environments require the use of Excel. This course allows you to focus specifically on learning the nuances of the program. Not just knowing how to get around on Excel, but the ability to do high-level projects will make you a superstar on your team.

Take this course if you: Want to better utilize Microsoft Excel.

5. Conversational Spanish Made Easy


We live in a connected world full of many cultures and languages. Bi and multilingualism will allow you to advance more quickly in your careers, and it also makes international traveling a lot more fun. This Spanish course is setup for beginners and intermediates and is an interactive course to effectively teach you the basics of the language. And at $20, far more affordable than many language teaching courses.

The United States holds more than 37 million Spanish speakers. Fluently speaking Spanish provides many new career opportunities. This course is different from most Spanish language courses because instead of focusing on grammar and vocabulary, they teach you the phrases and idioms part of cultural Spanish.

Take this course if you: Want to learn conversational  Spanish.

6. Social Media Marketing 2016 – Complete Certificate Course

social media

Understanding social media and using it as a marketing tool is a skill that will stand out on your resume or CV. If you launch your own business or website, understanding how to use the free to low-cost tools of social media will benefit you. This is one of Udemy’s popular courses with almost 15,000 students benefitting from the teachings. You can complete the certificate and course for just $30.

This course program focuses on social media for businesses. The coursework ranges from learning the basics, to creating strategies, and learning more advanced techniques.

Take this course if you: Want to learn the nuances of using social media for business and make yourself more marketable with the certification.

7. The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps

developer course

With a 4.7 star rating from 112,000 students, if you are looking to learn how to develop apps, this is the Udemy course for you. With 22.5 hours of lectures, you will delve into the practical and theoretical understanding of building your own app, a highly practical, real world application. This course is $30.

If you are looking to become an app developer, this course delivers the foundations you need. I was talking to a friend today who has an idea for a fun, interactive app. She is searching among her friends for someone who understands if, how, and what it would cost to make it work. I told her about this course, because it may be something she could develop herself instead of sharing profits.

Take this course if you: Want to learn to build apps.

8. How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business


There is a theme in many of the courses we have listed — courses to develop skills to sell your ideas in the real world! There are many elements that go into creating a successful business. Creating a demo video helps you sell your idea to the world and to investors. This course is $30 and had had almost 9,000 students complete it and give it an almost five start rating.

If you are starting your own business, the competition out there is fierce. Learning how to best market your wares is the difference between success and folding. Video marketing changes the marketing field, but learning the basics takes it from looking scrapped together to professional and like you have a lot of investors pounding on your door.

Take this course if you: Want to learn to promote your business with video.

9. The Art of Parenting


Some would argue our greatest job on earth is parenting, if you choose to have children. Taught by a developmental psychologist, you learn the nuances of raising happy and well-adjusted children. It is well worth the $20 investment in yourself and your family. With almost 1200 students, it has achieved a perfect five star rating.

This is also a good course for individuals interested in becoming a nanny or working in a daycare or preschool. Instead of getting frustrated with seemingly irrational behavior, you learn the developmental phases of why children do what they do.

Take this course if you: Want to learn to be a better parent.

10. HTML5 Game from Scratch Step by Step Learning JavaScript


If you have an interest in learning about HTML5 game development, this course gives you the basics and will help you develop the understanding and skills to create your own games. The course is $20 and is highly rated with four stars.

Jon T. described his experience with the course: “Well-structured and clearly explained as always; appreciate the short individual lessons that actually make it easier to sit with the course for longer periods of time. Thank you.”

Take this course if you: Want to learn how to develop gaming systems.

These 10 courses are a small representation of the many options and offerings Udemy provides. No matter your interest of field, there is a course on there for you. The prices are reasonable, and there are often sales and other coupon options to land you an even better deal.

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