Top 10 Careers in Demand for 2016 in the US

What careers will be in demand for 2016? Which jobs are going to be trending and are going to be worth your investment? If you are thinking about choosing a college or planning to switch careers, this articles will help you to find the most in-demand professions for 2016 and the future.

Software application developers

Software app developers are currently and will continue to have a high demand in the future. This is because new software is always needed for every operating system, for every device. The software is becoming a need in everybody’s life. Whatever your career is, without a good software, you would be probably left behind the competitors. So, Software developers are never going to be out of work and are constantly going to have high salaries. The rise of mobile devices and new gadgets like for example Microsofts Hololens and all other technologies that will be invented in the future will need apps. Many experts believe that this job will have around 20-25 percent growth in the following ten years. The tendency and the demand for new application are never going to stop because the future is being built on great software apps. The expected average salary for 2016 for Software app developers is $90,000.


Organizational psychologist

Corporate psychologists test employees and select them. The prescribe cognitive enhancers that are going to increase the performance of workers. The organizational psychologists also apply psychological principles to business. The demand for organizational psychologists is expected to rise by 26 percent in the following ten years. More companies believe that the psychological well-being of their employee is crucial in creating competitive businesses. For this job you need a master’s degree in psychology and the average expected salary for 2016 is around $80,000.


Personal financial advisers

This profession is expected a growth of 30% and, therefore, is the fastest growing career. This is thanks to the wealthy baby-boomers who are approaching retirement, and they are going to require personal financial advisers. The expected salary for 2016 for personal financial advisers is around $67,000.


Survey researchers

Businesses nowadays require a lot of data from studies and research because companies are becoming more and more scientific when it comes to forming a strategy. This profession is expected to grow by 18% by 2022. The expected average salary for this job is expected to be around $45,000.


Web designers

The demand for web designers demand is expected to grow more than 20% in the following ten years. The average expected salary for web designers is around $62,000.


Environmental engineers

Everyone is becoming more concerned about the environmental problems and this concern, the trend is just becoming even more trending. Therefore, working on creating new solutions is going to grow a lot in the distant future. The expected growth for this career is 15% for the next ten years, but with the growing environment oriented technologies and concerns this will most likely be a lot higher. The average expected salary for 2016 for environmental engineers is around $80,000.

Environmental engineers

Medical assistants

The demand for medical assistants will grow by almost 30% by 2022. The average expected salary for medical assistants is around $30,000.


Athletic trainers

This job is expected to grow by 30% in just the next five years, and the expected salary for this profession is around $42,000.

Athletic trainers

Personal and home care aides

The population of the US is aging, and this is increasing the demand for professionals in caring for the elderly. This profession expects a growth of 48% by 2022. The average expected salary for 2016 is around $21,000.

home care

Biomedical engineers

Biomedical engineers a highly respected and have high salaries because the create new solutions in medical care. Because humankind is concerned a lot about preserving and improving the health of people the demand for biomedical engineers is expected to grow by 27% over the next ten years. The average expected salary fro biomedical engineers is around $86,000.


All of these jobs will be in high demand in the following years, so if you are choosing a college or switching careers choose wisely.

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