One of the best ways to manage your everyday life tasks in a productive way, whether it would be for work, daily home duties, hobbies, different kinds of schedules for everything and micromanaging is with a great to-do list app.

There are many to-do list apps for every platform, but from all of those it ‘s hard to find one that is exquisite. We have researched and tested a lot of to-do list apps, and have found that only one app exceeds with excellence over the others, and that is Todoist.

What is Todoist?

It is simple; it is an app for to-do lists(with many other awesome features read on the Todoist review to find out more about the awesomeness).Karma point

Todoist has many different kinds of ways in which you can organise your tasks that are simple and easy to use. It also has lots of features that will help you become more productive and to monitor your productivity. One of the things that I like about Todoist is that it is gamified, meaning that it is made as a game in a way, and you gain karma points and levels as you complete your tasks on time(and other criteria). This is a fascinating way to monitor your productivity and to keep yourself motivated. It also visually displays this in colorful, easy to read graphs based on daily and weekly trends

Todoist has an impressive number of apps and plugins for all kind of different devices, systems and services. Todoist is compatible with Android phone, Android Tablet, Android Wear, Iphone, Ipad, Apple Watch, Chromebook, Mac, Windows, Google Chrome, Firefox, Gmail and Outlook. 

Todoist apps

This productivity service is incredible because it is also a to-do list for collaborations. You can share your projects with others, assign tasks to others and others can assign tasks to you.

So, Todoist is great for making to-do lists, but it has many other impressive features around the lists. I love it because it is great for managing projects with others. It also has apps for many platforms, and it is cloud based and syncs well with everything and everyone.

With Todoist you can create projects and add tasks for different projects and have them organised well, so you can manage a vast amount of projects and not miss anything or mix up things. The tasks can also have due dates, subtasks, urgency flags, reminders and plus other features.

Another fantastic feature that I love about todoist is the way you can set up the times for the tasks. You can write dates using words instead of numbers. For example typing today at 10 (on Nov 18/2015) will be understood by the system as nov 18 2015 at 10:00. Moreover, there are many neat features for recurring dates also like every day, every weekday, every Mon, Fri at 12:00, every 3 days starting next Tuesday, every 7 nov, every second Friday. All of this will be understood by the Todoist system and there are many other ways to set up the times for the tasks and this is really cool.

On Todoist, you can also filter tasks in many ways, by priority, due date, assignee and custom filters. The many possibilities for customization on Todoist and all the different features that make your productivity level intuitively rise up is what makes Todoist so unique,

Also, there are many incredible reminder options like Email notifications, mobile push notifications, SMS notifications and location-based reminders.

Todoist has many shortcuts, I am a shortcuts fan, I like to do everything with a couple of keyboard keys and Todoist delivers an excellent job on shortcuts.

Todoist also works offline and keeps automatic backups of your data. When you add tasks in offline mode, afterwards ass soon as you access the internet it syncs that data fast. Todoist also has a pretty good customer support service, they reply really fast, in a matter of hours, and they have support in 6 different languages.  

What are the cons of Todoist?

There is one con on todoist; that might even not be considered as a disadvantage. The free version of Todoist has many limitations.

The cons of the free Todoist membership are:

  • You can not search for tasks by using the search bar.
  • Labels are not available in the free account.
  • You can not upload notes or files to your tasks.
  • There are no email, SMS text and no location-based reminders.
  • Only 150 tasks per project and only 80 projects are supported.
  • Gamified productivity tracking is also not available on the free account.

The free Todoist membership is not that bad. If you are a light user on to-do lists and organisation and not a power user who depends on this application(like me), then the free version is pretty good. You have all the features that you need for that.

The paid feature of Todoist is only 30 dollars per year or 3 dollars per month and Todoist is worth it for the money, especially if you are using it daily. If you are not using it often, you will probably get by with just the free version. : )

Overall, it is one of the most incredible services in this category that I have used


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