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College is not easy, is it?

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My name is Aurora and I created this blog because I’m a non-traditional college student, and while I was navigating college I had no help from anyone. I was an introvert and I had just moved from Asia and got out of the US Navy. Hopefully, this blog will help you or at least give you some direction on how to navigate college. Some of us don’t have parents to navigate life, so here I am sharing things would you which I hope you find valuable.

The articles I write are easy-to-read and are skimmable. I make sure it’s like this so that you’re able to read it. I know college can be hectic as we try to have fun, figure things out, and make As in classes, so this is what I figured I’d do

Here are articles to help you start.

Before College

The Ultimate Guide for Completing the FAFSA

How to decode the FAFSA

What to do when you can’t decide on a major

During College

How to Apply for Financial aid in Edx

How to Thrive as a Writer in the Freelance World

After College

5 Tips to help you find a job after college

The Best Way to Apply for a Job

Of course, anybody is free to contribute a post on this blog. Not only will you help other people but it’ll also look good on your profile or resume. If you’d like to contribute, please fill out the contact form. I’ll respond within 72 hours!