The ability to speed read is a highly desired skill only a few people have mastered.  This technique will help you make good grades and get into a good college. Although it’s not easy, it takes a lot of practice and motivation.


Speed reading is a process that helps you read some text in a short amount of time without loss of retention.

Speed reading is a tool that will help you learn and read more rapidly.

According the, the average person can read up to 300 words per minute, while college students can read nearly 400 Words Per Minute, the speed reader can read up to 1500 wpm. Imagine being able to read that fast when you’re in school? College students eventually learn this technique because we clearly have no time to read all that we’re being asked to read in the time phrase given to us.

Speed reading



It’s like watching a movie of a famous book.

When you learn how to speed read, you will apparently save a lot of time. Instead of spending 3 hours reading one chapter, you can read it in 30 minutes or less (assuming you know how to speed read).  Imagine using the rest of this time to relax, catch a movie, or something else you enjoy?

Information retention will dramatically increase with practice.

When you are speed reading, you are using 100% of your focus.  The amount of concentration makes it easier for you to understand what you’re reading. Although, taking your time is not a bad thing, your mind will wander as you’ll find yourself rereading the same thing over again.

Exercise your eye muscles too.

Speed reading is actually about exercising your eye muscles because you’re forced to read chunks of phrases at once.  This can be beneficial so that you are not only focusing on one keyword, but you are focusing on four which will make it easier to understand comparing to just reading them word by word.


Finding particular details is easier.

Speed reading mostly helps people find specific things within the article they are trying to understand. This includes finding an answer without going through an introduction of the article, finding the steps to a cooking recipe, and the latter.


Below are helpful websites on where you can get started. Mastering Speed reading is a skill that will help you in everything you do in college and most importantly, your life.

Reading Soft – Speed Reading Test

Accelerated Speed Reading Trainer (iOS app)

Quick Reader – Pulls article you save on pocket to be read in a speed of your choice.

iRis (Android) – Speed reading trainer




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