How to save yourself from procrastination

Procrastination can come from many different sources. People often think of themselves, “I don’t want to do that right now,” or “I don’t want to be overwhelmed right now.” Other times it might be, “Well, this is easy, so I don’t need to do it right now.” And still others think, “Well, I do better work when I’m under pressure.” There is no one reason to procrastinate, but there are ways to break the habit.

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Tip #1: Plan Day By Day

Make a commitment to yourself. One great technique is to get a planner, a piece of paper, or even the website “Don’t Break The Chain”. Then list the assignments and projects that need to be finished. Then commit a certain amount of time to each of them. A great time is an hour segment of time, but due to personal schedules, it’d be wise to pick a length of time between half an hour and two hours. After choosing a time, dedicate that amount of time every day to that assignment, and then check it off of the list. This is an excellent way to get it all done in a calm and timely manner with plenty of breaks and avoid having to cram at the last minute.

Tip #2: Ask For Help Getting Started

If you can’t make yourself get started, get an accountability partner. Anyone looking to break any habit knows that accountability is key. Find a good, responsible friend who you can trust as tell them about what you need to work on so that you can set up a system. If the problem is that the task seems overwhelming, perhaps this person could function as a tutor and help you understand it when you get flustered and want to stop; this can be an excellent way to keep you feeling confident in your work and want to stay on track. If you just struggle with getting things done, your accountability partner could just check up on you every so often to either remind you that you need to get to work, or perhaps just ask if you got anything done that day.

Tip #3: Change Your Bad Habits Into Good Ones With Procrastination Tools

Luckily, there are a multitude of tools out there to help people who just can’t help themselves from procrastinating. A great list is the one that Mashable put together that has seven tools you can install and use today. These tools range from tools that remind you to get certain projects done promptly to tools that prevent distractions that keep you from getting your work done. There are even programs meant to reward you for keeping on task. While one of these tools listed does require payment, there are more than enough free tools out there to keep you on track and learn how to break the habit.


Alternatively, this is a great book that will help you even more as it explains in detail and is written by a doctor.

Procrastination book

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Procrastination is a problem, and while it might seem easier just to wait until later, sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned. This is a serious stumbling block to success, and can really prevent the polishing to make any project a fantastic one if it even gets done at all. After all, procrastination is a bad habit, and even most procrastinators recognize that fact.


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