Reasons why you should have a personal website

Employers find resumes boring.

Companies had probably seen thousand and thousands of resumes already. Resumes are pretty annoying considering that they are always on a white sheet of paper with black lettering on them. All they see is a professional side of a resume, but believe it or not, employers go straight to google to find out more about you. That is where your personal website should come out.


You are way ahead of your peers

Many people still don’t know how to create a website but sooner or later, websites are going to be a thing. Most universities nowadays teach you how to build your own portfolio online. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and just create one with your URL on it?


You are establishing your expertise in your field

Let’s face it. This is your generation. If you’re an expert in something, it’s time to show the world (in this case, the internet) what you’ve got. Like-minded people will approach you and you’ll even make new connections.  That in itself is the new way of networking/socializing. Remember how Justin Bieber got discovered?


You get to choose what to publish, not others.

When employers google you, they’ll see your facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and all your other social media accounts, but what if they don’t find anything? They’ll wonder why you don’t keep up with the trends and will assume you live under a rock.  Don’t give them a chance to think negative of you. People always have some sort of their information about them online.


If you have some kind of hobby, it’s better to have it on your website instead of other platforms. Why? It’s because things change and everything you document on your site will be in order. If you have anything that you’d like to share such as you winning your spelling bee contest and skateboarding or djing skills, now is the time to brag all about it!  You will never be asked this during an interview, and you will never get the chance to show this one of your resume. But you know what? Employers are interested!  They just don’t have the time to ask you during your interview! Pictures, videos are proof, all of which you cannot put on your resume!


Employers are always wondering, what do you do during your free time?  This tells them if you are a boring person, energetic, curious, emotional, or laid-back. This will let them get a significant feel if you fit the culture of the company or not.


You might get hired for being tech savvy

Here is your chance to become a well-rounded individual.  If you take the time to learn things that are trending during this generation, companies need you. Part of the reason why they hire college or newly grad students is because they need to have someone fresh who is going to tell them what is working outside their business and what is not.

do you trust me

It’s easier for people to trust you

If you’re one to do transactions online, for the first time, people might be wary of your existence. When you first start buying, reviewing or selling things, you won’t have any kind of feedback or credibility. Although having your own website acts as a referral for other people to take a look at it. Since they know that creating a website takes time and motivation, you will definitely be trusted.


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