How to read books quickly

Customizing your reading depending on your goal will save you loads of time and headache if you know how to do it.  You will seem smarter and respectable if you know how to read papers assigned to you in college. Below are tips that will help you get ahead.


Too many words? Skim, not read.

Sometimes you will have teachers that will ask you to read books in a short amount of time. Do yourself a favor and skim it instead. The main point of your teacher who assigns this amount of work is for you to learn how to get the basic idea and to skim.


It’s easier to read something if you know what they’re saying.

Reading the summary will help you expect what is on there and will help prime your brain to make it connect all the information like the web.


Don’t understand a topic? Find that portion and use selective reading.

If you read the summary, and you don’t exactly know a specific topic, or you’ve never heard of it before, try and find the topic and read a little bit more about it.  Reading a little more helps you learn how to find information. The main point of college also is knowing where to find information if you don’t know the answer to problems.


The Art of taking sufficient notes

Take notes of everything that is in bold, italics, and pictures. This will help you grasp the main idea. If it is a story, look up the summary if possible. Looking up the summary will prime your brain in understanding it better. Knowing the way to take notes will help you find more information about it later also when required of you in college.


Think about the subject of your class.

Take Notes on important things like main events, ideas, places, people, and maybe even dates.  Taking the time to write these down will help you understand what you’re reading, rather than just skimming it. It has been said that reading is just a passive way of learning, and you’ll notice that when you find yourself drifting from your reading.


What’s next when you’ve mastered the above?

The next step is to speed read. In essence, speed reading is the ability to get rid of subvocalization, which in turn helps you understand it a lot faster and save time.  Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be alerted when this article will be out!




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