Properly Insulate your Home to Prevent Extreme Weather

Woman holding Great Stuff window seal from walmart

Our home sometimes can’t stand extreme weather. Are you looking for things that can properly insulate your home? You should be! Nowadays the weather changes unpredictably. How do we properly insulate our homes? We need to protect ourselves from extreme weather to avoid sicknesses like cold and coughing. We can protect our family by properly insulating our home. Below are tips that you can try. Check it out!

1. Use blinds
Using black-out blinds can be a big help. I usually buy those in Walmart that block out the sun. Not only does this make the room cooler, but it also helps you sleep better. Also, they save on electricity bills! The hotter it is, the harder your AC has to work.  Why not properly insulate it to help your AC work less?  Not only will it saves electricity but also you’re decreasing the life expectancy of your AC.

2. Buy those window films (recommend those Amazon ones)
One day I was looking at the school library and noticed that being inside the building is not hot even though it was all glass covered. One day I stood there for a moment and looked at my reflection. Aha! It was the window films that made them cooler! I researched more about it and saw that they were very affordable. You just need to know where to buy them. I bought mine in Amazon. I bought two for my balcony doors and finally, I didn’t have to suffer whenever there were any extreme weather changes. Another plus is that nobody can see you from outside. 🙂

3. Use a window sealer
I live in an old apartment, so it’s very easy to spot uneven window slits and doors. In an attempt to save electricity and make insulation better, I went to Walmart to find some sort of insulation product. Turns out, window seals that cost about five dollars are worth it. Don’t forget to use gloves and a ladder if you have one. It can get pretty messy.

Note: Have acetone ready to rinse off the plastic tube that comes along with it so that you don’t have to finish the whole bottle in one setting.

Walmart Window Seal for proper insulation
Walmart Window Seal for proper insulation

4. Turn off electronics
We all know this part, but everyone seems to forget it. Our electronics give off a lot of heat! One way not to forget is to create a sign and put it near your electronics so you’ll notice. Mine says, “Turn off electronics to reduce heat.” You might want to consider using any machine at night if possible. I run the dishwasher at night, and I turn on our aquaphonics light at night also.

5. Buy an AC or make use of a homemade cooler.
Okay, this is kind of related to the one above, but I think it deserves a little mentioning. When it gets hot in the summer, I sometimes create a homemade cooler. All you need are those styrofoam coolers that are less than 5 dollars and fill it with ice. Have some wind (or your fan) blow on the ice creating the AC effect.

Now that you’ve found ways to insulate your home, get going! It doesn’t take a lot of time and besides, most of the stuff you’ll need costs less than 20 dollars. I hope this helps! Do you have any other suggestions that you think I should mention? Comment Below!

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