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Sometimes we just need a change. Life is not turning out the way we have planned, and we want to take control of our future. Our occupation consumes an enormous part of life. We spend the majority of our days and weeks working. Evaluating our life goals will help us to consider what and why the next steps should be. Are you looking for a career that will give you more financial freedom or are you looking to do something you love? Or both?

Hearing about the baby boomer generation aging feels like a blip on the radar since we hear it referenced so often in the news. What does it matter to the younger generations? The baby boomer’s generation was a populous group, and as they are all retiring, it is opening new opportunities for the younger generations. Especially when you consider the ever changing workplace, the opportunity for adult continuing education is at a premium. In fact, it has begun to outpace the for-credit college courses.

ed2go leads the industry for online training programs and classes to help students and professionals achieve their goals.


What is ed2go?

ed2go is a virtual online college providing high-quality online continuing education. They partner with over 2100 colleges and universities to administer courses and trainings you can take wherever you have an Internet connection, anytime of day or night. It provides courses for the non-traditional student.

It is important to note, ed2go is not higher education and most classes do not provide college credit, which can be confusing considering the higher education partnerships. But ed2go provides an affordable option for continuing education credits or certification for the non-traditional student needing affordability and flexibility.

How does it work?

All courses consist of 12 lessons, live instructor support, and each course is supplemented with interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials and online discussion areas. Courses are offered once a month (January-November) and run for six weeks.

  • Each online course has twelve lessons available on the Internet, two lessons are released per week for six weeks, each Wednesday and Friday. After the final lesson is released at the end of six weeks, a final examination will be released and available for 2 additional weeks.
  • Each lesson takes approximately two hours to complete and includes interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials, and online discussion areas. (Helpful Hint: The Discussion area for each lesson has a large amount of useful information).
  • You may take each lesson any day of the week and any time of the day or night within a 7-10 day grace period from the day the lesson is first available.
  • If you want a record of your participation in the class, you will need to take the first quiz, and it is suggested that you take the quiz at the end of each lesson.
  • You are required to take the final exam for the course if you want a completion certificate.


What resources do you need to do an online class with ed2go?

You need only two things to make your ed2go class a success: Internet access and a desire to grow and learn.

Things you should consider:

If you are still not sold on the idea of doing courses with ed2 go. Here are some great resources you can partake of as an ed2go student!

  • Externships (some courses offer this option but not all)
  • Financial assistance
  • Tutoring available
  • Books included and sent via mail
  • Quick turnaround to qualification for a new job
  • Open enrollment
  • Engaged professors who will help you develop your resume and provide advice as you search for your new job in your new career


Finally, what does ed2go cost? As you plan and decide your future, money is an important factor. And ed2go gives you good quality courses and certifications for a fraction of the cost of colleges and universities. Each course or certification program is different, so you will want to look at each program you are interested in to assess your personal cost, but these are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Payment plans are available if you cannot pay in one chunk
  • Financial assistance is also available
  • One course is around $149 and the certification depends on the number of courses, from 30 hours upwards


Even if you decide to go back to a traditional school, ed2go is available to sign up through your local colleges. Pursue your dreams!



  1. I’m sure this is something that people could use. a lot of people who deserve a scholarship don’t get it but this would at least give them an edge.

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