The Bible of Hacking Multiple Choice Tests: (Secrets Professors don’t tell you)

The holy grail of hacks for multiple choice exams is right here, in this article. This article will save you lots of time and energy, it will simplify your exams, and you will get much better results by learning these hacks for hacking multiple choice tests.

Here are grand strategies to use when you are face to face with difficult multiple choice questions.

The first and easiest approach that you already might partially know is to eliminate options you know to be incorrect. Doing this will simplify things a lot.

  • If you are allowed to, you can mark the words or alternatives in questions that eliminate the option. Check if each of the possible answers is true or false and this will most likely reduce your selection to the best answer.
  • The following question options are usually incorrect and will lead you to the correct answer
  • Grammatically incorrect
  • Totally unfamiliar options
  • Options containing negative or absolute words (You can try to substitute a qualified term for the absolute one, for example, frequently for always; typical for every and see if you can eliminate an option this way)
  • All of the possible answers are numbers? Remove the highs and lows and try the middle range number.

Here are some more tips:

  • the option “all of the above” is most likely correct if you have some certainty that more than one option is correct
  • When you see options that are similar, probably one of those is the right one. Choose the best of the similar options by using the elimination techniques. 🙂
  • When you have options that are opposite of each other, it is very likely that one of them is correct.
  • Options that contain qualifiers are most likely correct if the result is longer, more general items that better fill the role of the answer.10.16.2015-14.13


-William Poundstone. Taken from business insider


  • When you are facing a dilemma, and two alternatives seem correct, compare them for differences, eliminate one and you got yourself a right answer.
  • If you think that your first answer to a question is wrong and that maybe you should change it, do not do that. You were probably right the first time. Some studies indicate that when students change their answers, they usually change them to the wrong answer.
  • Take a few short breaks during the exam. Stop for a moment, shut your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Doing this periodically will clear your head, and this will help you stay fresh during the exam. You do not need to race through the exam in order to finish first, you can even finish last, you get no points for being the first one to finish.
  • Options that are absolutes such as “never,” “always,” “is,” “are,”, “guarantees,” “ensures,” are most likely not correct, because such statements are tough to defend. They are rarely the right option though they may sometimes be.

10.16.2015-14.12Taken from


Try these out, and get much better results. Got any more tips? Share them with us and we will publish them in this article.

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