The Kindle Voyage Review (Wifi +3G) You Want to Read Before Buying It

Kindle Voyage

Are you thinking of buying an e-reader? Do you think that tablets are too expensive? I agree with you. Although I did not buy the Kindle voyage on black Friday, I managed to get my hands on this after monitoring it on Amazon nonstop during Christmas break. Here are a few features that you want to know before buying it.

1) Page press feature

Kindle has the page press function, where you can squeeze the sides of the Kindle (not the LCD screen). Depending on where you squeeze, you will go to the next or the previous page. The device will also vibrate at the same time. I have found that my Kindle did not go to the previous page; it only went to the next page. In order to go back to the previous page, I would have to swipe from left to right.

Other users have had problems with the Kindle voyage also. According to the forum at, people said that page press would only work for a month or so, then it would stop working. Amazon is pretty nice about sending people a replacement, although some people reported it having the same issue again.

Amazon suggests putting the settings to “very sensitive” if you have a large protective case on the Kindle. It does not matter for me; changing the settings on my Kindle still does not make it work.

2) Light Sensor

This seems to save my battery and my life. I rely so much on reading on my kindle that it would be a total bummer if it died on me. As much as I hate how all Kindles load (you will first see a bunch of markings before it loads) it is still more convenient to not have to go through that. In my opinion, it disrupts my reading, simply because manually changing it hurts my eyes and gives me a headache.

3) Long Battery Life

Of course, if you compare this with your iPad, it has a longer battery life. There’s not much to do with the voyage but read. You cannot download any apps, you cannot watch videos, but! You can listen to audio books. Hence, the reason they have the audio jack.
I read about 2-3 hours every day (sometimes more), and I would not have to charge it until it reaches two weeks. You need to consider also if you use up more brightness by reading in a well-lit place or your room before you sleep. When you read in a bright environment, all electronics (if they have the light sensors) will try to “out-bright” the environment, so that you can see it, thus, using more energy. If you read in a dark environment, a little brightness will be sufficient enough for you to see it, (using lesser energy).

4)Free Internet (WiFi and 3G version only)

ATT is the service provider for the Amazon Voyage. Recently, ATT put a cap on this because people have been using it excessively (who figures, right?). I believe the cap is up to 2gb, but that is a lot if you think about it. The average download of an ebook would be less than 1mb.

I like this feature because I do not have to worry about finding WIFI while I am doing my research in the doctor’s office, the train, or in school. This is very helpful to people who like to read a lot. Although it is an additional 70 dollars (kind of hefty, I know) it takes off much stress of my back (researching is hard enough).

5) The advertisements do not disturb your reading environment.

I bought the cheaper Amazon Voyage, so it does have the ads on it. The ads do not matter if you ask me. When you unlock the screen, the background has a big ad on it, and while you are using it, there is a banner at the bottom. I do not think it is too much of a big deal unless you are one of those people who like personalizing every single thing you have. If you are willing to cough twenty dollars more just to remove the ads, be my guest.

6) The Voyage is faster than all the other Kindles (at the time of writing)

I bought my husband and my father the Kindle Paperwhite, at it is still incomparable to the Voyage. The Voyage is a lot faster, clearer, and has more features. The paperwhite is good for people who do not read much, since the price is now I believe 99.00 on

Amazon benefits

1) Amazon Unlimited

With only 9.99 a month, you can save money subscribing to this. Although not ALL books are eligible to be read under Amazon unlimited, this is truly helpful for people who research as much as I do, or just for people who are book fanatics.

2) The Lending Library

If you have Amazon Prime, you are allowed to borrow A book. Take note, it is only one book. Again, not all books are eligible for this, and the problem I see is that for fast readers, this would not be ideal since borrowing is limited to one book per month.

3) Household Sharing

This is helpful if you have multiple people in your family who likes to read. My husband and I share books with Kindle unlimited to save money.

First-Time Buyers

Kindle e-readers are worth buying since it is portable and has plenty of features to make your life easier. You will notice that you can highlight, write a note and put an unlimited amount of bookmarks on your ebooks. Tip: Instead of highlighting a whole page, I would recommend putting a bookmark instead, saving plenty you plenty of time.

I am very satisfied with my Kindle Voyage. It may be the best e-reader in the world, but, of course, there are still some things Amazon can work on. I believe that a price for an item is only secondary to what makes it worth buying. If the value of an item is so great, but the price tag is high, as long as it is rare in the market people will buy it. Moreover, if you are considering to buy one, do so now since it is rare. Better get your hands on it before it goes out of stock again.

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