Exploring the Different Kinds of Jobs While in College

different kinds of jobs while in college

For millions of students, going to college is tough financially. To offset the difficulties, many opt for getting a job while they study through their years of college. If you are going to school or are planning on setting yourself up in a university soon, it is imperative that you look at the various types of employment opportunities that abound today. When you start to look, you’ll see that there are different kinds of jobs while in college available out there. The following explores just four industries that you can look into and compares them in regards to flexibility and more. There’s no reason why you should struggle while in school when there are employment options that abound in various arenas.

Head To The Mall – Retail Jobs


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No matter where you are going to be in school, you will find a mall or shopping center nearby. Even small cities have a mall, and that means that there are jobs to found. These are usually retail jobs, and they vary in what you will be doing if you land one. Some great benefits come with this, and it starts with flexibility in terms of schedule. Malls have great flexibility in terms of what you can do, and how you do it. Whether you want to work in sales, in the food court, or just about any store that is within the floor plans of the shopping center, you can get started with many jobs here.

This is not without a bit of a downside. You will see that this type of job option is not going to pay much money. The standard wages here are the minimum wage in most cases. Some sales jobs pay commission, but for the most part, look at starting part time, at minimum wage. You may only get 10 – 20 hours at most, but that should help offset the costs of college a bit. The majority of these jobs are entry-level positions, but they can help with any higher learning experience you are involved with.

Fast Food and Food Industry

One of the tried and true solutions that you are going to find in regards to employment is that of fast food. That’s right, fast food franchises are always open and provide millions of jobs for people that want flexibility in terms of schedule. Whether you are working as a cook, server, or even a busboy, you’ll find that this can be a viable solution for employment while you are in college. The biggest benefit here is that some benefits come through, including free meals, profit sharing, and in some instances stock options.

The downside is that you’ll have to work with grease and food. It is also a frenetically paced job at times. The money that you will receive in this position will not be quite as a much as other positions. The standard here is minimum wage. However, if you do well, the promotional opportunities are grand. Some college students make it to manager within their four-year course of study, and some even stay after. For those that stay within the fast food, positions at the corporate level can be lucrative, even pulling six figures in terms of salary. If nothing else, look at fast food industry jobs as a way to gain valuable training, which always looks good on your work history moving forward.

Medical Industry – Technicians


Some people do not know that they can get a foothold in the medical industry. Too often, people are intimidated by the industry thinking that only doctors and nurses get hired. That is not the case. This industry needs many people to run, and that includes people that can help with front end, back end, cleaning, food services, and even technical positions. You can get a certification within a short span of time, and still go to school, and work with medical technician jobs and even x-rays.

Supporting yourself can become easier when you are in this industry, especially if you have certification. The pay scale here can rise exponentially higher than entry level positions. However, if you get a job within the medical world as a laborer, you will not get paid quite a bit. For instance, cafeteria workers may not receive the same pay scale as you would if you were an x-ray technician. This is a viable option to look into if you have a hospital, medical college, or any type of medical industry building near a school or in the city you are going to be studying at.

Office Jobs

Perhaps one of the most flexible and attractive jobs that you can get into as you study is that of office positions. This can help you not only continue to study while you work but can land you in a 40 hour a week position. Office jobs abound in a lot of different areas. They include call centers, billing departments, clerical work, sales, and much more. This is a regular schedule option that is often very flexible. In some instances, you could work 40 hours a week, split the shifts in many ways, and end up in a positive solution as you study.

Some companies also pay tuition for you, and will give you a promotion upon completion of a degree in the field of study you are planning on working within. This is an excellent opportunity for those that want to intern, or work closely with the industry of particular markets. For instance, legal offices can offer jobs and options for those that want to get their foot in the door early. Office jobs can allow flexibility, higher pay scales, but a harder entry point into getting work.

Searching For More

The above are just a few options to consider. These are not all the jobs that you can get, but often they will be the most prominent. Searching online is important. However, you’ll find that there are a lot more opportunities. Sometimes, even your college will have job placement services to help offset the cost of going to school. As long as you look into the opportunities in and around your school, you’ll find several solutions to help you get moving forward with work, and school simultaneously.


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