Is it okay to drive to school if you live far away?

 You spend more time driving than studying

I used to drive to school. I lived about an hour away, and it was a horrible experience. I spent a lot of money on gas and would spend more of my time driving. It is not a good idea to study and drive at the same time, although I know all people almost done this.


You get tired when you get to school

By the time I am at school, I am already tired from driving.  I just spent my energy not being late to school and running to my class. Is this really what you want? Is it worth it to get tired of driving?  It is not a physical activity. It is more of a mental activity. Do you want to waste your mental energy driving instead of studying?

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You do not have a studying routine

You may have a driving routine, but a studying routine is not really there. I must say that this is okay since different studying routines help you remember.


It is probably cheaper where you live

One of the reasons why people drive to school is because it is hard to move because of all the stuff they have at their homes, they do not want to spend. However, if you think about it, moving to a different location and having to deal with that headache once is much better than dealing with the slight headache of commuting to school every day.


You probably don’t study at home

What do you do at home? I like to watch movies, blog, play with my dogs, go to the beach… Do I study at home? I try. I bought a lamp, a desk, and some more office materials to give myself that “learning” feeling.


You are not focusing 100% on school

Let’s face it. People who commute at home probably have all the entertaining they have there. This must mean that you have another life, and you are not focused on school 100%. Is not being focused at school, not a good thing? Well, if you start making bad grades, is that not a good thing?


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