Is it better to go to a school where most people are smart or where you’re the top of the class?

I have seen students speaking about this all the time. When somebody has a top percentage, it is always obvious that other students would probably compete with them. We can see that pupils with good grades sometimes are not very smart, whereas people who turn out to be super smart are almost average grade holders. It would be false to say that going to a school would make anybody smart or a genius because it depends from individual to individual.

Fact with example

A friend of mine from Asia in A-Level’s had 12 A’s, and when I told him, he could get into MIT easily with a scholarship, he asks what is MIT? I was very shocked by the fact that a student like him doesn’t know about MIT. People who are top in the class, basically do not explore other things in the world such as recreational activities, and they are the people who do not socialize most of the time. My system of looking into life and education would be, a person needs to be perfect in the things he/she does.


An iron gets rusted when left out in the air, same like that if somebody only sticks with making good grades in the class, the rest of the livelihood gets annoying after getting a job or so.

Bottom Line:- Living smartly at the same time being a topper in the class is something everyone should try doing.
Intellectual power originates from unique minds. The school or college environment may play a role, but not vital. It’s ultimately up to the active student, who goes all out to play the school or college game well.

Want to know how smart you are?

Answer this

Johnny’s mother had 3 children, the first child was named April, the second child was named May. What was the third child’s name?

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