How to pull an all-nighter

If you have not studied on time or finished your projects on time, you will most likely want to pull an all-nighter in order to be able to pass the test in the morning. : ) We recommend that you do your best to finish everything on time, so you wouldn’t need to stay up all night, but as a last resort here is our guide on how to pull an all-nighter.

1. Stress is your enemy11710743_10207496883765364_649098956_n

Now, there is positive and negative stress. Positive stress is the stress that you have when you are going outside of your comfort zone and improving yourself and your skills. In this case(pulling an all-nighter) stress is negative and you should avoid it and think positive. Take a bath at night, so you would cool your body and feel nice. Also, think positively. Thinking positively can help you a lot in these situations(and in almost any situation positive thinking is welcome).


2. Do not drink black tea11646893_10205487527442369_1761896583_n


Do not drink black tea because your body and mind can crash the following day. Drink a couple of glasses of very cold water every 30 minutes. The cold water will help you stay awake. You can also drink non-caffeinated herbal tea. It will keep you awake naturally because of the tea’s big amount of herbs.


3. Turn off your distractions


Turn off your email, cellphone, messengers, TV, and do not surf the internet for cute puppies. If you want to go one step further, so you do not distract yourself, anytime you do one of the above things(open email,  surf net, chat, etc…) punch yourself. This will likely get you back to reality and tell you that you need to focus and get things done.


4. Eat foods rich in protein


Eat foods like, cheese, sandwiches and other dairy products. Do not eat sugary foods. They will make you feel awake for a bit, but after a while they can make you crash of the sugar high. You can allso eat apples because they keep the blood sugar stable and you can stay awake for a longer period of time. Almost any fruit or healthy food is better than eating sugary foods.

Also, do not eat too much, because this will cause you to be distracted and sleepy. Do not eat Granola, Lemons, Turkey, milk, banans, or toast.


As a last resort, drink a coffee or an energy drink, but only take small sips and don’t overdrink it.


When you are feeling like you are going to fall asleep, close your eyes and put and ice cube on your eyes and you will wake up and feel awake.


Do not yawn.


Try not to yawn, and instead try to laugh, because laughing entertains you, keeps you awake and makes you happy. Watch this if you are in a need of a laugh


Nap during the day


When possible, try to take a 2 or 3 hour nap, so you will have more energy and focus during the night for studying.


Watch a scary movie


Watch a horror, it will keep you awake. : )


Study for 40-45 minutes and take 15-20 minute pauses.


Leave the easy work for the end.


Later in the night you will be more tired, and you should leave the easy part of your studying for the end of the night, because at that time you will only have enough focus and energy just for that.


Open you windows


Cold air will keep you awake. Warm air will make you sleepy.


Do not study in te bed or on a couch. It is highly recommended that you study in a cold room at a hard table and sit on a char. The more comfortable the location, the more tempted you will be to sleep.


If possible try to be around other people when studying, so you will feel uncomfortable to fall asleep.


Sit up straight.








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