As I’ve been looking for a job, I’ve learned a few things. I submitted numerous applications on LinkedIn (more than 100, not kidding) and have interviewed plenty of companies. During this day and age they say that networking in person which is better than anything, but the thing, everything we do is digital so the job descriptions are online and most companies would just ask you to submit the application online. You just need to be aware of where it is.

Here I share them with you on how I’ve been getting interviews from top companies. There are too many workers now compared to jobs. Each industry is different, so take this advice with a grain of salt.


Do you know how to ride a normal conversation?

If you are an introvert like me, it is best to practice your conversational skills. One way I did this is by downloading the Shapr app. This is a place where you can converse with professionals. I’ve learned a lot about how I should approach every single conversation I have without being awkward. You’ll learn the lingo and other things people say about themselves on their profiles. Just be careful about people who are in MLMs. You can politely decline, but other people are too pushy. Move on if they are.


Can you spot fakes?

When I started networking, I noticed that there are so many people with the titles CIO, CEO, and Vice President of some company. I realized that anybody could themselves that. Not everybody wants to be approached and asked if they are hiring right away. If you had a company and need people, would you approach people right away, or would you interview them first?


Do you have a story about yourself, aka, a master resume?

As I browsed for jobs I noticed that there are a lot of things that I’ve experienced. I could not fit them into one resume, so I created one master resume. This master resume contained everything that I did for a specific job. So if I found a job that I wanted to apply for, all I needed to do was to take that master resume and erase everything else that’s irrelevant to the position of interest. This sped up the process and made applying for jobs less dreadful.


Leveraging Linkedin to increases chances of getting an interview

  • Contact your connections on LinkedIn who works for the company you’re interested in and ask them if they enjoy them working there. Make small talk. Get to know the person.
  • Mention this person in your cover letter!


Focus on the skills that they’re looking for and create a STAR description.

Many job descriptions tell you the soft skills a person needs to be successful in the job. Look for ones that you have create a STAR profile for it. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result.

How about sharing your weakness? Well it should be approached the same. Make sure that the weakness that you give does not impact the role you are applying for. In this case, the result be a little different. You always want to make sure that you did something about it. This would be what you would mention for the ACTION portion. An example:

Job: Entry-level

Weakness: Supervising Staff

What did you do about it: Took a leadership class

Result: Got an A on the class

During the job interview always ask them the job responsibilities in their own words.

Frequently, the person who wrote the job description is a template online because everybody’s in a hurry. Always ask the person you are interviewing with their version of the job requirements. After a while of doing this, I realized that the job description did not match what they are looking for. Have someone explain to you what exactly are they looking for. It’s best to ask the person you’re going to be working with or is going to supervise you. Once you have this, if you get chosen for a second interview address that and how you are capable for the job


Know the people that are involved in the job process

The first person is the recruiter or the HR manager. This person makes sure that you’re qualified for the job. They want to verify if you are you say you are. If you mention that you are familiar or knowledgeable in specific software, then they want to make sure that you are familiar with that particular software. This should only take less than 15 minutes. Often times based on my experience it only takes an average of seven minutes will stop

The second person would be the hiring manager. This is the person that you will be working with. Need to make sure that you can impress this person because this person is trying to imagine if he or she can work with you.

Lastly, the person would be the manager’s boss, if applicable. This person ultimately gets to influence the decision. If he or she is not happy with how you are, then, the hiring manager would need to defend why you would be a good fit.

Sometimes there are only two people that you need to go through. Sometimes there’s only one. It really depends on which industry.


The end goal of the interview is to tell and demonstrate your strengths. – Pamela Skillings

Try to provide specific examples of your strengths without sounding like you’re bragging. Use examples of how you did in real life but also be aware of being humble. You don’t want somebody who always brags about themselves. Yes, it is uncomfortable to brag about ourselves but how else would we convince them that we’re the right fit? You just need to do it properly and a way which makes you comfortable.

Usually, these are the things I experimented with and have worked.

My clients say that I’m _______, because _______.

One of things I enjoy doing is ________. For example ___________.

One testimonial I recently recieved said that I’m _______. My responsbilities were ___________.

What do you think?

The above mentioned are just the tips that I’ve learned while going through the interview process. There many more out there this is giving you some insight or advice on what you should do next. Take note that I’m in the business sector, so it might a little different for other industries. Hopefully this saves you a lot of time in finding a job.

Always learn from the people who already made the mistakes!




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