How to Keep Your Home Clean: Dividing Tasks

For some Americans (me included) keeping everything organized and clean is something we need to do but dread it because it takes so much time and energy. Here are six general tips to get you started.

1) Do it multiple times a day to not get overwhelmed.
My husband in particular used to set aside one whole day (usually Saturdays) cleaning the whole house. In reality, he spends about 5 hours only, and procrastinates the whole day. What a waste of productivity, right? The worst part of that is everything piles up.  Friday would be the messiest days, and Mondays the cleanest. The trick here is to constantly clean and pick up things throughout the day. Not only will you get used to it, you will always see that you’re house is ALWAYS cleaned because it is maintained.
2) Focus on picking up in the morning.
If you wake up early before work, always take the time to pick up bowls, cups, trash, clothes and put them at the right spot.  This usually takes about 5-10 minutes per room. Put kitchen stuff in the sink and put laundry stuff in the laundry basket.  Everything that needs to be washed in the kitchen should be soaked hot water and dish soap.  This saves your hands from scrubbing down food debris that are stuck on things.
3) Take the trash out at night.
The reason why we want to take out the trash at night is because people are usually always busy during the day.  It’s better to have a trash empty than a trash full while you’re holding a banana peel looking for a trash can.  The only trash that’s empty is the one in your bedroom so you throw it there. Fido gets hungry and starts to go through your trash or flies start landing on your trashcan. Whatever the case, you always want an empty trash bin.
4) Buy an organizer to keep track of monthly cleaning.
Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the things you’ve washed or cleaned. An example of those would be pillows, curtains, the humidifier, the bathroom or the drawers in the fridge. Make a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly log so you won’t forget. Sad to say, I’m a victim of forgetting to wash our pillows for a year (yuck!).  You don’t want growing bacteria in your house do you? Of course, you don’t want a super clean house either. For more info, check out Monday’s post here.
5) Eat protein
Eat enough protein to get through your cleaning tasks! If you’re a vegetarian, find other ways to get protein. You will need the energy in order to move around the house. Don’t use sugar or caffeine. Sugar is the first thing our bodies burn so it will only keep you energized for a couple of hours max.  Using caffeine increases your tolerance to it, meaning, in the next year, you would find yourself drinking more caffeine than the first time you drank it in order to keep awake.
6) Use a motto
Lastly, give yourself something a motto for motivation.  Whenever I feel like I did not want to do something, I would always tell myself, “It’s only five minutes,” or “Just Do it!”  Whatever your motto is, be sure it’s related to your goals.
Repetition and motivation are the keys in accomplishing these small tasks.  Don’t think of it as one huge task, break it up into smaller pieces to make it less overwhelming. Take it one step at a time. Use an organizer to break it up even more and lose the headache.

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