How to handle your parents when you’re in college

When it comes to being a full-time student, there are hurdles or external factors from your family that would divert you most of the time. Organizing everything is one of the most important factors both for the female and the male. In this article, we are discussing some of the widely popular family issues with students.

From experience, I have been in a situation most of the time where I had to deal with family when I was a full-time college, student. We say, in every family the father is the head of the whole family, who takes care almost of everything. I had the chance to start being on my own and leading the entire family from teenage, which is why I had to be head at times and also be a full-time student. In reality, this is not a very manageable thing to do. The stress did affect my grades, but then again no loss for a piece of information that would come handy to all the students out there.

Go shopping while studying

The family will need you for carrying shopping bags, or if you have a baby sister/brother, you might have to take care of them in the car or the supermarket. And children don’t usually like and have the patience to go to shopping with you because if it’s not shopping about video games, it’s boring.

For instance, If you are studying, and you are told to go out with your parents, the likely outcome would be you ending up in an argument with them. Your mother would say “Hey, Sam, you do not study when necessary– and when we need your help, suddenly you start opening your books.” This scenario is for all students, and you must face this until you set clear agenda’s about education in front of your family.

For a full-time student, these type of family situations are essentially a nightmare. More so, when you are committed to being at home and focusing on your studies. Well, the point is, we need to deal with it. However, how? You can always shop and study at the same time by setting perfect schedules, my recommendation is using Google Calendar because I find it to be the best way to stay on track. Also if you have something that you want to complete reading, smartphone’s have made life easier, so it means you can either take a picture of the note or even read it as a pdf, doc or anything while you are shopping.

Housework, cooking, cleaning, dishwashing

Since you are a student and do not have a job at the moment, parents would want you to help them out in their regular household tasks. Which is in fact pretty good. You get to learn and furnish your other skills such as cooking, cleaning out the rooms mess, washing dishes, etc. besides studying. Well if you have your apartment or dorm, I guess all these things would have to be done on your anyway, and you would have to set time for them. The whole point is about time management. Primarily a working college student needs to work, study and also maintain family life at the same time, which many times becomes frustrating, but you get to stand on your own feet, and it’s worth it. A College Student only knows what the pressure of education is and what happens if your concentration is disturbed, hence its good for everyone in the family to understand that the motives of a college student are respected as well.

Talk with relatives, or others on behalf of your parents

You might also have to act as an assistant to your parents when they are busy. Say, for example,mommy is cooking, and she remembers “oh I forgot to call the electrician now”, Sam could you please give him a call and say we need the A/C switch fixed. There could also be a situation while you parents are asleep and all the incoming phone calls, needs to be taken care by you.

The majority of the students are own their own and so most of the time they are at school. This type of situation would not arise at all, but it is always good to stay in touch with your parents to let them know, what’s going on? Also, if there is any help they need you because ultimately they are the people who brought you up.

The whole point is college student’s face this type of unwilling situations all the time, and this happens to take off the time from their normal schedule into studies.

Noise pollution at home while studying

You must have guessed by now, what kind of noise distracts you the most? It depends on people to people how they respond to sound. Many have the habit in studying very frequently in a place where their parents are arguing, or renovations such as drilling are going on to fix your roof window, etc. The majority would not find it comfortable. In fact, noise pollution is the number one reason for losing concentration and could cause you to slow down from the routine study.

Siblings Distraction

If you and your brother share the same room or same gadgets, there are going to be conflicts while you are busy with college work. Sometimes, when your younger sibling is playing or may be watching TV loud, that is when you are distracted the most. Everyone have their experience with siblings; I would say they are a blessing but when it comes to college life, it just gets on your nerves.

I have spoken about some of the most common situation a college student could face, and many of these situations are not very under our control.


Here are some tips that you would have to follow to sustain a peaceful college life.

1. Set your schedule and let everyone in the family know that you would be studying during those time.

2. Speak out precisely, that you would not be able to assist them in the tasks unless it is important, because you exams, homework deadlines needs to be taken care of first.

3. Close your study room door, so that you do not get distracted by noise, and also let everyone know that when the door is locked it means you are learning.

I am sure with certain strict rules you set, dealing with family and being a full-time college student will not be a problem.
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