How to create a winning CV using your student experience

You have found a job to apply, and now you drop a CV to the HR of the company where they have 100’s of other applicants CV as well. How to make your CV stand out of those 100 and make it the winning CV?

There are certain things that every student has to keep in mind that, they are still studying, and while applying for jobs, you should clearly understand the job requirements and then plan about dropping a CV. Let’s say for example a Job Description say’s you need to be a BBA and an MBA graduate, whereas you are still studying BBA, and then it is pointless to apply even to such jobs. The idea is to see if you meet the job requirements and then apply for the job by dropping your CV.

People have a question as to how and where to send their Resumes? Obviously to the Human Resource Manager/ The Hiring Manager of a company. Now before I start with the tips in creating a winning CV, I would like to share the steps involved in every company when they hire a potential applicant.

Step 1- HR shortlists applicants from the CV

Step 2- Calls all the shortlisted applicants for Interview

Step 3- Short List again based on Interview

Step 4- Some companies has written tests as well

Step 5- If you win those four steps, then surely you are selected

Many companies have their ways, but most of them have almost the same structure. So from here on you could see that the first step-selection from the CV is your stepping stone to a new career.

Writing a quality CV

By quality, I do not mean how you design the CV and make it lucrative. The whole CV  has to be presentable, as in all the details included in the CV should explain your skills and qualification that corresponds directly with the job description. Employers look for candidates who know more about the job positions, and they look for candidates with the skill sets. Applicants should be able to show genuine interest in the job by spending enough time on it before submission, to create an impression in front of the Employer.

 Qualifications, Experience, and Skills

When writing skills write it in the present tense, to show you currently have them in you. Instead of writing “I had” you should say “I have.” It is important because employers get a feeling that you know those skills well, and you will able be to help the company grow with those particular skill sets. You should always strive to put forward your specIfic key qualifications, experience and skills relevant to the job position. In the qualifications section, mention all the Certifications, Degrees or Diplomas you have achieved along with information on your school exams. If you have already completed courses related to the job, it will be a huge plus point for you in getting the job.


‘The most effective method of ensuring your CV stands out is to present your key achievements at the top of your CV,’ says Andrew Wilkinson, a senior manager at Venn Group. Employers would want to see where you have created an impact and how you have contributed to other companies. The more achievements you have, the more you are likely to stand out among the other applicants. For beginners, it is always a tough one to put up any info about achievements. It is always wise to mention all the achievements you had till now professionally or in your school life, for example if you volunteered a school annual function as an MC, put that in your CV.

 Top Tips

  1. A CV should precisely start with Objectives that explain who you are and avoid terms such as “Excellent self-starter”” I am dynamics” “ Good Team Player.”
  2. Any version of the CV should be two pages, but not more than three.
  3. Feel free to add additional information on marital status, children, and religion.
  4. Remember, your CV will the script for an employer to ask you questions.
  5. Make sure all the information mentioned in the CV are authentic and do not break any of the ethical views of an employer.
  6. Add reference’s at the end of the CV, because sometimes, employers like to verify your information.

I am sure if you follow these tips on creating a CV; you would be able to create an impact in front of the employers and more successfully find the job you’ve always dreamed.

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