How To Maintain Good Personal Health

Health is something that is easy to take for granted.

When we start losing it, it’s hard to believe we spent so long not valuing it.

Maintaining good personal health includes addressing the mind, body, spiritual and social connections of who you are and how you live.
People make choices daily about their health through both action and inaction.

You probably already do things now that maintain your general health.

Taking a moment to look at what they are, name them, refine them and explore ways to improve them is the very foundation of health.

  1. Remember what foods are essential for good health. Start the day with a substantial breakfast.
  2. Make a check on the amount of water you drink daily. Sufficient water (about 6-8 glasses daily) is essential to health.
  3. Bathe daily for health and social reasons. Use soap and water generously to cleanse skin from perspiration and bacteria.
  4. Form a good habit for daily mouth care. Brush teeth after eating or at least thrice daily, including after evening meal snack.
  5. Give particular care to skin of the face. Cleanse often with mild soap and skin cleanser. During the day the face is exposed to different atmosphere and to many things (particularly your hands) which may transfer bacteria.
  6. Shampoo your hair regularly and frequently enough to keep it in good condition and free from odor. Oily hair may require daily shampoo. Dry hair and scalp may be shampooed less often.
  7. Wash hands thoroughly many times throughout the day.
  8. Keep fingernails clean and trimmed to moderate length.
  9. Take excellent care of those feet. They serve you well. When bathing wash carefully and dry thoroughly. Trim toe nails straight across.
  10. Check your posture and if help is needed consult a health service to work out a definite program to correct your faulty habits.
  11. Try to keep an even, keen, emotion. Seek help to for ways to better understand yourself and others, if necessary.
  12. Become interested in some type of sports game, or hobby that gives real pleasure to you. Join with others in an organization of choice.


Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you get to neglect your health! 


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