How can I improve my memory?

How can you learn? How can you become a better learner? How can you have a black belt memory?

What are the secrets of the people who learn well?

Here are some amazing tips for improving your memory and learning rapidly faster.

Repeat back technique

Repeat back everything you hear in your voice. Immediately after you hear it. Repeat everything you hear in lectures, in educational videos in your voice inside your head immediately after you hear it.

Why is this important and what does it do?

This technique forces you to pay attention, so you’ve got to listen to what the teacher is saying, this improves your listening skills drastically. Secondly, because you are repeating it back immediately, it reinforces it, and also we are more likely to remember something that we tell ourselves, then something that somebody else tells us.

Listen, repeat back immediately EVERYTHING that is said in your voice right after the teacher says it.

When you start using this technique, make a note to self, that you should check with yourself if you are doing the technique every time you are in a class or watching an educational video.

2. Improve your lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can support your brain health and encourage your brain to grow new neurons. The brain’s hippocampus is the memory center, and the memory center is able to grow new cells and regenerate throughout the entire lifetime of a person. Yes, that means that even when you are 120 years old.

Try some of these lifestyle tricks to improve your memory. These will help you in improving your memory in your short term goals, but it will help you the most in your long-term learning goals and being able to have a fully functional brain and be able to learn ne things even when you are over a century old.

Eat right! Now, this is very important. The food that you are eating helps or unhelps your body, brain, organism to grow. Don’t worry, you do not need to stop eating delicious foods and only eat food that does not taste good. There are plenty of very tasty healthy diets that will help you with having a great body and brain. One that I am using is the caveman diet; it’s basically, you are eating all the things that people in the caveman era ate(everything they hunted and gathered). There are also many other cool diets, so you have a great variety.

Also, don’t forget to exercise, especially when you are studying something and you just can’t seem to understand it and you beat your head against the wall. This is the time when you should go out, to a gym, to a martial arts club and start exercising. Exercise encourages your brain to work at maximum capacity. There are a lot of things that are happening in your brain when you are exercising, so it’s very, very important to do any kind of exercises. I personally do bodybuilding, yoga, and Karate. I train bodybuilding somewhere in the midday three times a week. I occasionally practice yoga when I do not have much free time mostly in the mornings, and I train Karate in the weekends, and because of all these exercises that I am doing, I am able to finish every project, every tasks, every class with a high grade, with a high quality and high satisfaction. : ) Exercise is the ultimate must for every person, who actually wants to improve overall because there are so many benefits. Any exercise will do the trick.

Sleep and take naps.

Sleep is important and naps are important. Sleep is not for the weak, sleep is for the strong! So, get enough sleep so your brain could actually function properly. When you get enough sleep, you are able to process information much more faster, concentrate and memorize a lot better.

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