All of us has thought of having plants, either outside or inside. Household plants are the way to go for a busy college student. Usually all you have is a dorm room or apartment with little or no outdoor space. So bring the indoors inside!

Some people say they can’t take care of plants; because they don’t have a green thumb. I believe everyone has a green thumb. It’s just a matter of remembering when to water your plants and researching enough information for your specific plant. Household plants not only make our dorm room or apartment prettier on the inside, but it is also good for our health! And we all know, good health helps you get good grades!

Here are some things you should consider:

  1. Plants clean the air we breathe.

This is a given.  Everyone who went to high school knows that plants inhale Carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  Yes, they clean the air we breathe! Why not get household plants so that you won’t have to open the blinds continuously for clean air to come in, especially if your pesky dorm or rental window is stuck shut! Why not save time and energy by having fresh air within our home?

  1.  Plants create a calm atmosphere.

Plants create a  good relaxing atmosphere.  Not only do household plants clean the air (which helps clear our heads), but they create this calming experience because of their color: green. Every college student needs to create a little bit of zen in their indoor corner, ESPECIALLY during final exams. You can even try those portable waterfalls. Note to self: if you keep them on continuously, you’ll regret the urge of peeing. 😉

  1.  Plants give us more motivation

The better air we breathe, the calmer we are.  The calmer we are, the more productive we get. When I bought myself a household plant, I found myself happier, being able to get more work down on my class project I needed to do.  Motivation is key to getting everything done! Not only will you get your classes on track, but it’ll feel good that you’ve accomplished it.

  1.  Make it feel homey and reduce recreation costs.

One thing I noticed about dorm rooms and apartments, they’re not exactly “homey” material.  By this, I mean people just have a bed, desk, lamp, and maybe even a chair. Try making your dorm room feel like home, so that you’ll enjoy being in it. College students like going out not because they like going out, it’s because there’s nothing to do at home or, there’s homey feeling.  Why not do something about it? Get a plant to take care of and make you feel wanted and change your space to a homier feel.

If you want to have a better-looking dorm room or apartment, I suggest that you need plant to take care of. You can feel relaxed with its green color.  Don’t think that you can’t take care of the plant! Because there is no such thing as someone who doesn’t have a green thumb. Just remember to water them every day. So, why hesitate in having plants in your dorm?




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