Chegg Review: Can a One-Stop Shop Really Offer it All?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The ages old conundrum: It is hard to find a job without experience, but you need a job to gain said experience. This is how Chegg adopted its name (chicken and egg combined) back in 2001 when it was founded by three Iowa State University students. They saw a gap in the system and created the beginnings of a company that began by reaching one university’s campus to reaching over one million students!


Chegg has likened itself to the Netflix of college resourcing, and it provides an array of services to high school and college students, such as: book services, study help, tutoring and internships. A one-stop shop for any college student’s needs. Chegg describes itself as “helping to remove obstacles standing in the way of the education YOU want and deserve.”


It has geared their mission towards the college student. Working to provide resources that are essential in the fast-paced world we live in, and they create a hub to connect students all around the world with the best resources possible.


So, what did Cool College Helpers find to be helpful with Chegg? Let’s break it down for you.


1. Chegg’s Online Bookstore

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Have you ever left your university’s bookstore feeling utterly defeated at the chunk of change you hand over to purchase your course books? And then comes the end of the semester, and you get pennies in return for selling back your book. Check out Chegg’s online bookstore, where you can buy or rent books with options for digital or hard copies.


If you need to change or drop a class, Chegg offers a 21-day guarantee with free returns. And at the end of the semester you can either sell or return your text books. 

Chegg Study:

2. Textbook Solutions


review of chegg

This feature allows you to access solutions for answers according to the textbook. It is important to note that some of the books don’t have the solutions manual. According to Chegg’s website, they provide this resource for over 9000 of the most technically difficult textbooks but not all.


3. Expert Q & A

Also part of the helpful study features is the Expert Q & A. It is a good feature we at Cool College Helpers appreciated, but we found not all the experts were right all the time.


Finally, you can create and access flashcards through the study portal of the Chegg website.



4. Need a Tutor?


review of chegg

Chegg offers a 24/7 tutoring service, covering all skill levels and subjects and with tutors from all over the world. The tutoring program is fairly comprehensive in the interactive ways you can use their program. You can choose to use the live version or the app. Chat, audio and video are all available.


Let’s say you are cramming for a big test the next day, the tutoring service helps you figure out the concepts tripping you up, preparing you to get it all worked out before the test!

5. Be a Tutor

become a tutor

If you are top-notch in a subject, Chegg also hires university students as tutors. It is $20 per hour, and it is a convenient way to help you make extra cash around your schedule without having to commute anywhere. And $20 an hour in college is hard to beat.

6. Internship & Career Board

Internships are one of the most valuable portions of our education. They provide practical opportunities for learning and experiencing the career field we hope to enter. Chegg has a comprehensive internship board allowing you to search: internships, entry level jobs and student jobs.


It is a job board specific to our life stage, catering specifically to what we need. It has several filters to help expedite your searching like city and compensation and the type of employer.

Breaking It Down:

Chegg charges a monthly fee of $14.95 which is a good price for the jam-packed resources you can get out of your monthly subscription. And, hey, if you become a Chegg tutor you can pay for it with just one hour of tutoring.


It is important to note some of the services are free.


Their online bookstore and internship board is a free resource for all students.  Chegg also gives a free trial for the tutoring program. You can test it out for free and make sure it is worth your time and money before you commit.


Chegg is all about making the typical university student’s life easier. We hope they continue to embrace their roots — three students who saw a chance to make all student’s lives a bit easier to juggle and bring modern into ages old systems.

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