Should I go back to college?

People drop out of school for various reasons including peer pressure, family commitments, and lack of funds among others. You have an opportunity as an adult to correct the situation by going back to college. Many adults shy off from the idea of going back to school and give unending excuses. If you are unsure about going back to school as an adult, ask yourself the following questions to get started:

How much do undergraduates earn compared to graduates?

Salaries and benefits vary based on academic qualifications and skills among other factors. Graduates earn higher than undergraduates in all fields do. Advancing your level of education increases your chances of earning a higher salary. You qualify for better jobs that pay higher salaries than your current job.

Is your family supportive?

Studying as an adult affects your family especially if you have young children. They need care and attention as you attend your classes. Consider going back to college if you have a supportive spouse and/or family members that can take care of your children. Your family’s moral support is also necessary to keep you in school.

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Do you want to change careers?

Sometimes we choose careers in our early years only to realize that we made the wrong choice when we grow older. If you are stuck in the wrong career, you have an opportunity to find fulfillment in the field that interests you most. You need to get the necessary education to get started on the new career. It is NEVER too late to change careers.

Are there flexible study options?

One primary reason or excuse that keeps adults away from college is that they will not fit. Some are too busy to enroll in the regular day programs. You can register and study online for any degree course. If you had a few courses to finish your degree or diploma, you could study the course by correspondence from home. Besides, you can opt for evening and weekend classes that tend to have more adults attending.

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Do you have a lot of free time?

Going back to college is an excellent decision if you are currently unemployed or have nothing to do with your free time. Studying will keep your mind occupied. Use you free time constructively by finishing your degree course or enrolling in a new program in college. The academic qualifications attained may be what you need to get a new job.

Do you want to advance your career?

Most organizations consider experience, academic qualifications, skills, and competencies when evaluating promotions. You can increase your chances of promotion in your workplace and growth in your career by attaining higher levels of education.

Take the bold step and go back to school if your answer to any of these questions is affirmative. The benefits of higher education and a fulfilling career should motivate you to go back to school despite your age.


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