Dogs will always have a special place in my life.  They love you and never talk back. Even though taking care of them, maybe a headache and difficult at times, the advantages are endless and invaluable. Here I show you five reasons why you should get a dog if you have not already.


1. Your dog’s world revolves around you


– Your dog may not show you, but they do love you.  Ever wonder why they give you that face when you leave home?  People have witnessed to have their dogs super excited when they arrive their house.  Truth is; your dog’s world revolves around you. You are the alpha since you care for their safety, feed them, and provide them a home.  If you are mean to them, they will later forget it.

2. getting a dog increases recreational walking

-Studies show that getting a dog will help you exercise.  It is true.  Dogs will bug and play with you. This is because they do not know where to put their energy! What’s the solution to this? Get them tired! Walk your dog or better yet, let them walk you.  You’ll thank them later when you start feeling healthier.

3. Independency

– I am not just talking about having them for medical issues.  I am talking about owning a dog to keep you company at home.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of need states that we need love and belonging, this includes friendship and family. A dog is a man’s best friend, and he is going to be a part of your family!

4. Immune development

-There was a study done by James Gern revealing that having a dog at home develops your immune system’s ability to fight illnesses. This concept is getting a live-virus flu shot.  Your dog carries certain bacteria with them, and you get exposed.  (Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think).  Once you get exposed, your body creates these antibodies to protect you.  Your memory cells “remember” this so whenever you get exposed to this same bacteria, your body will be ready. You already have the antibodies in your system.

5. Emotional benefit for children

-People who have kids and a dog knows how this works. An article at anthro zoos (please see sources) revealed that children attached to their pets showed socio-emotional variables such as prosocial orientation, empathy, loneliness, and social anxiety.  Children who can show this at a young age become intelligent, open-minded individuals.
The above points are just a small chunk of what dogs can do for your life. They provide you physical and emotional support, along with a boost in your well-being.  The more you invest in your dogs, the more you will benefit from them.

Here’s a link that I’d really like to share, since it sounds so promising. Doggy Dan Online Trainer. If I had the time, I would definitely try to invest in this to better my relationships with my babies.


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