Furniture Tricks in Creating a Realistic Environment: Promote Comfort and Affordability

Not many people arrange their homes to make it more livable.  Because of the media and the wonderful places in the world that people dream of visiting, they spend most of their money traveling and less making their homes more livable.  But why is it important to make your homes livable? Arranging your home to feel livable saves you money from gas from finding comfort elsewhere. You create a home for yourself to make you feel safe, not relying on other places for security (again, being self-sufficient).
Here are a few things you should consider:
1)Your home should never feel crowded

Why is it important to have space at home?  Having space gives you more freedom to move around, and creates an illusion of having a bigger home. Make sure that you don’t have things blocking windows and doors.  You don’t want to break anything while you’re opening the door or trying to open the window. We don’t want you to spend money, we want you to save money.

2)Furniture must have a hierarchy

Make sure that you create a hierarchy as far as your furniture and decorations go.  Place your heaviest and largest (in dimension) furniture at the bottom, and then work your way up.  This not only gives stability to your possessions, but also keeps your child (if you have any) or anybody from obtaining your valuable possessions. Examples are your vase or that China set you bought from your trip in Asia. This not only adds protection, but you’ll notice that it also significantly creates space.
For some of you who are renting (like me) take the roof into account. Apartments that have larger square feet are more expensive.
**Tip: Aim for apartments with higher ceilings.  You can compensate by this hierarchy trick.


*Optimizing comfort = using your prettiest decorations
Arranging your home to make it look like a home is important for your well-being. It gives peace of mind and adds decor (this is one of the reasons why men married women because women have this ability to make things beautiful). Although this might be a woman’s job, I’ve seen men who are more than capable of doing this.


As you can see, there are a few things you can consider in saving money and creating a comfortable home. Because of this recession, times are rough. Be more efficient and smart without jeopardizing your health and things that you want. It is doable.


I would recommend this book below (especially if you’re a cheapskate like me). There are plenty of cheap things (sometimes even free) people are throwing out because they don’t have the knowledge in up selling it, or they have no time to fix it. This book is only $9.99 on Kindle and $20.48 on hard-cover. (prices reflect the date this article was posted).



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