Funny College Tips from Students!

Funny College tips students have tweeted!

This totally makes showers more relaxing!

That’s what we thought too for the longest time…

Staying at home doing nothing is still an awesome spring break!

Exactly. We pay so much on tuition that they should be helping us!

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Aurora is studying Business Admin, Management Information Systems at California State University - San Marcos. She is a nontraditional college student that loves to help out other students since she had no help when she was starting out in college. During her free time, she loves to play with her two chihuahuas and read.

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  1. I like the college tip to email your professors. They really do want to help, but only the people who want to learn will find that out. My tip would probably be to check out local community colleges and see if they do transferable credits. College can be so expensive, so why take the easy generals at the most expensive cost? This way you can go to the college you want and get the credits you need without totally breaking the bank.

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