Frugal Shopping: How to save money and shop SMART

All college students are trying to save money. Expenses can pile up, and we only get to see it after we graduate! They all pile up since we cannot get flexible jobs that will help us earn a lot. Here is a trick I figured out. Save money, and still be able to buy the things you love. Adding a few steps to your buying process can save you thousands a year!
Determine when the sales are for the store you want to shop in.

The easiest way to do is by going to your favorite stores website and subscribing to their newsletter. If you know when their sales are already, and if you already know when you are going to buy, that is good. Subscribing to their newsletter will give them the permission to send you an email whenever they have offers.
Go to Raise to register for an account.

Raise is a terrific website where you can buy gift cards at a lower cost. Please mind that not all gift cards here have the same percentage of discount, but they do have some excellent ones depending on where you like to shop. You can keep an eye out for your favorite gift cards and buy them when they have one of the members sell their gift card at a lower rate. You can subscribe via email if a gift card is listed at your specified rate.
Buy discounted gift cards.

Purchase the gift cards when you are ready. You can download the app on the app store of your phone, so it is easier to track. I usually buy gift cards where I regularly buy products such as the Apple store (iTunes) since I love buying games, new apps, and the like (yes, all apple store gift cards, music, iTunes, are all the same! some people do not know that 😉


Here is the link. By using this link, you and I will get $5.00 off our first order. 🙂
Other notes:

Depending on your card provider, some online offers may take a few minutes or a few days until you receive them.  Gift cards themselves are mailed for free, although they can take up to 7-15 days.

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