Flaws and Friendships

The Situation:


There was one instance in my teenage years that I was very mischievous. I have come to a conclusion that I was highly attracted to my peers of the opposite gender. Too attracted that I have developed some curiosity. I grew a liking to a particular individual that I focused most of my energy to win her heart. I devised a systematic approach of courtship which returned with favorable results. I ended up being in a relationship with the girl I adored in high school. We were inseparable. We knew that we are meant for each other. Another year went by with our relationship and another school year approaches.

Senior high was upon us. There were fresh faces amongst us veterans. Unknown personalities with feats that my friends consider an apple to their eyes. One of my friends was lovestruck enough that he loses his mentality whenever his crush passes. So, we invoked him into striking a conversation with her. He had no clue on how to approach. As a good friend, I shared my system of approach. Still, no courage to step up, I took on the role of a wingman while he and my friends watch. The girl and I took some time to talk and expressed that my friend grew some interest about her. By offering her a seat to our group, she went by and met the person. As time passes by, my role suddenly changed into a messenger. At that time, my girlfriend knew what was going on. She also offered her services to assist my friend to win her heart. Various tactics and hand written letters were tried and passed. From quirky to clever, we were on target at the most. But things took a turn unexpectedly.

I received a call from the potential candidate for my buddy (YES, NO CELLPHONES YET!) She expressed her liking towards me and not to my friend. There was an awkward moment of silence. In my head, gears were turning fast my ear that I was using for the receiver became red hot. I was in disbelief, and with no sense of good judgment, I acknowledged.  It was an internal affair within. Secret meetings and out of town excursions was our only way of spending time with each other. In other words, I was cheating on my acquaintance. But, that instance was way before then.


A storm suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The secret relationship was revealed, and it was the headlines of my senior high school community. Now that the cat was out of the bag, I laid out my choices. Either I end one relationship or end both. This issue brewed for a week. No communications in between the parties and my ties with my friend were cut off. Since I have gained this notoriety,  my pride also increased. I am now known to be as the player. Contemplating about this title created a solution to my dilemma. After that week, I summoned all of my strength and grew a pair of courage to amend this wrong doing. I only prepared myself to expect bad things. I faced them individually and appropriately offered my apologies to them. I told them that it was not an excuse to lose my beans and just enter another relationship while being committed to another person. I also stated that I am apologetic for my actions and I take responsibility to the damages that I caused. Two slaps in the face and a session of fist-a-cuffs were the chosen forms of repentance. That day was very physical.


In the end, I ventured my interest out of the school community and kept my personal life low-key than before. I went on and learned from my mistakes, for which prepared me to have a happy marriage and a fruitful relationship with my spouse.

The lesson for today is:

“Dont dip your pen in company ink.”

NaBloPoMo November 2016



  1. I love this story! The most important thing above all is you learn and you accept! 🙂 Kuddos and great job on realizing what to do when you had mistakes! It is important to say sorry and I’m proud of you man! You have what other men dont have! 🙂

  2. The best thing about you is you didnt hesitate to amend your flaws and mistakes! And you atleast say sorry. Im still proud on someone who still say sorry and learn from their mistakes!

  3. It is always best when we learn from our mistakes. I truly believe that there is a purpose for everything that happens in our live and it is up to us what we do from that knowledge. Thanks for sharing your story.

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