Failing a class? What you should do before you actually fail it.


Calculate your own grades and ask your professor what you can do.

If you think you’re failing a class, calculate your grades and see how many points you need to get on the next exam or quiz to help your grade. It will also be a good idea if you ask your professor what you can do. If you have been a good student by doing all you can, its ok to ask your professor. But if you’ve been slacking and you ask your professor for help, it is most likely that they will shut you down.


When speaking with your professor, ask for advice.

Determine why you are not making the grades you deserve.  Sometimes this is due to poor preparation such as studying too late, starting class with an empty stomach or others. When this happens, determine what this leads to.  Do you have a hard time remembering what you learned?  Were you not in the mood? Did you not understand the questions? Did you study the wrong material? Whatever it is, you need to determine what it is before you can address it.

Ask your classmates on how they study.

If the reason is that you have poor studying techniques, this is more of a question about learning yourself.  Do you know the best way for you to understand and remember information?  Are you a visual person? Do you do well if the information is organized?  Do you need to set up stories to understand the topic?  If you are unsure where to start, you can always ask your friends (that make good grades) on how they go about studying.  Try these techniques and see what works for you.

Find out the last day to drop classes that will put a W on your record.

Finding out the last day to drop is fairly easy as some professors might even mention it in class or even their syllabus.  If you cannot find it, try go to the School’s calendar.  It is most likely there.


Alert your professor.

If you are dropping a class, let your teacher know so that they’ll give you some respect.  You will most likely run into him/her every once in a while on campus, and it would be awkward to ignore each other.  They will most likely remember you, believe it or not.  If you make an effort to leave their class with both you and the professor understanding why you had to, you can create a relationship with them and maybe even benefit you in the long run.


Oh No! You failed a class.

Now what?  Then it’s time to take another strategy.  Here’s is what an Ellen Bremen (MA) has to say that we found helpful!



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