Emergency Car Essentials: things you should ALWAYS have in your car

Anything can happen to your car while you are in it. Perhaps the car will get a flat tire or have a mechanical malfunction that prevents it from moving. Before you get stranded, you need to make sure you have the proper tools and accessories in your car at all times.

On the top of this list is the cell phone.

You should always have your cell phone with you at all times. Cell phones are a great invention because they allow you to make phone calls from practically anywhere without having to worry about finding the nearest pay phone. Of course, you will need to have the phone number of roadside assistance so they can come out to your location and tow your car away. Roadside assistance typically comes with most insurance policies, or you may have an AAA package that came with the purchase of your car.

Also, make sure you have a spare tire and a car jack in your trunk as well.

Roadside assistance can help you change the tire if you need them to, but you need to have the tire and jack already in your car for them to use. Otherwise, they will just tow your car away and do it at the nearest shop, which will cost you money.

Now let’s assume you receive a bad connection on your cell phone and are unable to connect to anyone for help.

You should still keep certain items in your car in case of these rare emergencies. Besides the spare tires, you will also need to store jumper cables in your trunk. If your battery power is low, then you may be fortunate enough to have somebody else offer you a boost through their car’s battery power. However the average person does not carry jumper cables of their own, so do not expect a stranger to have them.

Besides these basic car necessities, you may need other items if you are traveling in secluded areas or to new places you have never been before. In this case, keep a first aid kit in your car at all times. You should also have a flashlight, portable radio, water bottles and whole grain energy bars. These represent all the supplies you will need to survive if you are stranded somewhere secluded and need to find your way to safety. This may sound extreme, but it is better to be safe than sorry because you never know what could happen out on the road.


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