Eating Healthy Hacks: Eat what you want w/out gaining weight

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “I want to ruin my health today,” but no one also wants to have an uninteresting diet filled with limitations. It almost seems dreamlike to consider the possibility of eating whatever you want without gaining tons of weight, a subject of fantasy. Well, what if this was possible? No, we’re not here pushing miracle cures of a questionable nature like online ads and Dr. Oz, but we are going to discuss a few proven methods of living a healthy life without sacrificing your favorite foods to get there. Consider these tips as you begin to live the fun version of the healthy lifestyle.

Eat More Fats

That’s right. In the contemporary culture the buzz tends to be that fat is bad. You don’t want to be fat, but surprisingly eating things with higher fat contents can actually help you lose weight. Fat is harder to break down than carbs, meaning that you’ll be satisfied for longer and won’t even want to eat tons of sugar or anything else that will make you gain weight. However, not all fats are created equal, and so it is wise to do your research beforehand about what fatty foods are good to eat a lot of. A great starting place for this would be Authority Nutrition’s article, “10 Super Healthy High Fat Foods.”

Eat More Protein

This one may seem a little more obvious, but you might be in for a surprise. Protein is actually harder to break down than fat, meaning that you’ll be satisfied for even longer, and they help maintain your body in a healthy condition as well. As long as you have regular intakes of protein everyday, you’ll be able to control your eating habits and, if you so desire, enjoy some healthy exercise. Now, for those who have objections to this recommendation, such as “But I’m a vegetarian and I don’t want to eat meat,” or “I don’t want to be chugging down a disgusting protein shake every few hours,” have no fear. There as tons of foods that are high in protein that you might already like eating, in both a carnivore’s and vegetarian’s paradise. A resource to consider would be this list of high protein foods.

Drink More Water

Your weight depends on your metabolism, or the total functions within your body. The easier it is for your organs to do their job, the higher your metabolism, the less likely you’ll gain weight from what you’re eating. Some of your most important organs in this process are your liver, which takes care of your blood, and your kidneys, which take care of your urine. In order for these organs to do they’re job properly, you need to be properly hydrated at all times. Also, should you choose to exercise, staying hydrated is important in order for you to properly sweat and maximize performance. Therefore, making sure you have plenty of water to drink throughout the day is essential in order to staying healthy and in shape. If you’re wondering how much water is needed in your day, a convenient tool can be located here, and here is another calculation tool specifically for the amount of water needed during an exercise routine.

Eat On Schedule

I know, some people have a planner for everything and others just want to do things whenever they feel like doing them, but this is a concept that is not that hard to understand. A lot of people say that tracking calories is the key to losing or maintaining weight, but there’s a flaw with that principle. Two people can eat the exact same amount of calories in a day, and yet perhaps only one of them will see a healthy effect, all based on when they ate those calories. Someone who eats consistently, say every few hours, even if it’s just a small snack, will have much better results than someone who eats one big meal every day.

See? Eating better is not as hard as diet product peddlers would like you to believe. Very small changes in what you do can have huge positive effects on your health. In fact, these small changes might very well be things that you already like to do already. So, when planning your grocery budget, make sure that you’re happy with what you’re getting, but do keep in mind that you more you plan around these tips, you might end up being more satisfied physically and financially.



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