Doing this will make you get an A on your exam (With proper studying beforehand)

Doing this will make you get an A on your exam (With proper studying beforehand)

Walk around campus

Before class starts, be sure to get there early. Walk around campus to get more oxygen in your brain. This will help you focus during your exam.

Bring bottled water

Did you know that bringing a bottled water can increase your exam score?

The study, presented at the British Psychological Society annual conference in London on Wednesday, found that those who brought drinks in with them averaged five per cent better in exams.

Nick Collins from The Telegraph

Bring candy (sweets)

Bringing sweets will increase your hyperness, giving you more brain power and the energy to solve complicated questions.


Take a Nap

Don’t be afraid to close your eyes when you lose your momentum during your exam. This will keep your brain fresh and give your brain the break it needs. You can set a timer if you are afraid of oversleeping.

Do easy questions first

Exams are timed, so you want to be able to finish things early. Don’t feel obligated to do things in order. If you look over your exam and answer the ones you already know, you give yourself more time in analyzing the harder questions. Also, seeing what’s on the exam in advanced will prime your brain in solving them in the background. By the time you arrive on that question, your could have an answer for it already.

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