What You Should be Doing Before Every Semester

The start of a new semester is full of many activities and tasks that you need to accomplish before starting the new semester. It can be difficult to keep track of all the tasks you need to do. Don’t worry, we created a list of things you should do before the new semester, so you stay ahead.

  1. Arrange the schedule of your classes to make sure you get the classes you want.raw
  2. Evaluate which classes you want to take.
  3. Drop the classes you do not wish to take. Do this ASAP, so you do not get charged.
  4. Buy notebooks, school supplies and books.raw (1)
  5. Get a bike lock or parking pass.
  6. Get your student ID.
  7. Double check your new schedule, so you are not late the first day.
  8. Buy season tickets for school sporting events if you are attending them, because they are cheaper if you buy them at the start of the year.
  9. Schedule an appointment with a financial aid advisor.
  10. Check which dorms have the best food.raw (2)
  11. Find where the closest library is
  12. Make a study schedule.
  13. Put important dates in your Google Calendar, things like assignments, due dates and tests.
  14. Sign up for things you want to get involved in.
  15. You can even go to your professor’s office and introduce yourself.raw (3)
  16. Check out cool options for studying abroad in the future.
  17. Look for a job if you want to get one.




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