Let me ask you a question. If you were given a chance to teach in a “Biology” class for one day, would you have been able to do it without having knowledge about the subject? The answer is obviously “NO”. I am sure you would never want to take a class if you didn’t have knowledge about it. However, the question here is “Do you think knowledge is power?”.
A simple way to answer these questions would be to share a scenario. Let’s say you are trapped in a wilderness. You have a very good physical fitness, but do you think without having the knowledge of how to survive in those situations, your physical fitness would be enough?”. Well, I don’t think so!
Knowledge is something you acquire everywhere, starting from the streets, at home, workplace.
There is no limit to gaining knowledge. The more you learn, the more powerful you could turn out to be. By knowledge, you can change any situation, and come up with the best possible solution to every problem. Let’s just put it this way, “Like there is no limit to the sky, there is no limit to developing knowledge”.
If you followed what the philosopher Socrates said “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”, then you would try learning more and more. This quote applies to education, work, and our personal lives as well.

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