Why you need to collaborate with your classmates to get good grades

We have seen students who have been scoring good grades at all times, and the question is, have we ever seen them always studying on their own without collaborating with a classmate? Would a straight A student always have a technique?

Collaborating with students/classmates has been proven to be one of the elements to achieving good grades in exam. In this article, we share with you the benefits, methods and tips on collaborating with other students.

 Group Study
Studying with a group of student are very motivational and helps a lot in clearing out topics related to a subject. A group study is when more than one student in the same class, wishes to study together over a topic, chapter or even solve past exam papers.  Besides having benefits associated with studying in a group, there are also certain drawbacks. Like students might feel like just having a gala time instead of studying, or you may lose the mood in a study for a while, and move to gossiping only. You can take breaks at all times, however, do not be driven out of track.

 Notes Help
If you share your notes at all times with classmates when they need them, they would also help you out later when you are very much in need of it as well. Sharing is caring, and we need to stop our ego coming in the way of our student life. Avoid collaborating with people who just seek your help and never wish to help you back. I have always believed that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, and, therefore, make friends who care about you the same way you do for them.

 Scoring a Straight A
Collaborating with good students and taking their advice can very much help you in scoring a straight A. How do you know a student’s opinion is a good one? Well if he/she scores better grades in papers then you do, it is obvious that the tips they share with you would always be beneficial. The human nature is different- to get something from someone, you need to do something for them first, I guess the Tit for Tat policy is always there. Hence do your best to keep up with classmates who score good grades, and also with the ones who do not. With each other’s help in the class, the journey of completing your education is going to be a lot more fun. Unity is a strength, and together you never know what you learn and discover that would help you score a straight A in the exam.

Planning on study schedule according to exam dates with your classmates will help you stay motivated because you are following the same routine as they do. You could always stay in touch with them even outside class time to plan on the subject and set priorities. I have always followed this technique with my classmate, and we always plan together before sitting for exams, because it helps me stay on the track.

 Clarifying doubts
If you face difficulties in solving questions or do not understand a topic, it is always to good to approach one or more of your classmate who can help you out with it. In this case, what happens is you could always rely on each other for problem-solving. Also, remember to offer support to your classmates when they need them because you are also helping yourself in brushing up your knowledge on that particular problem.
Collaborating with a classmate is one of the important units of achieving a good grade. I am sure by following these tips you would be able to start networking with classmates better, and create an impact on your exam results.
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