Can I Be In a Romantic Relationship While In College?



If you are in a relationship now, stick to it.

If you are in a relationship right now and you’re pretty happy. Stay. If you break up while you are in college, you will have a hard time moving on, considering the adjustment you’re about to face.

Although, avoid getting into a relationship while you’re in college.

If you happen to find someone that you like, try not to engage yourself to the temptation. Getting into a relationship is all about looking good and making the other person happy. It feels fabulous to be in love, but you will lose sight of your goal. Stay as friends or even friends with benefits (if you must). No strings attached.

Freshman year is the hardest year.

This is the start of people getting adjusted to the college life. Yes, there will be parties. Yes, you’ll meet a lot of people. Remember that you’re here for a reason.  I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the party life. But you can also follow the philosophy “Work hard now, party later.”


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