Choosing Your New Best Friend: Buying or Adopting a Dog

Many of us are looking for something that can ease our stress. You may have thought of buying or adopting a dog. You can buy dogs in a pet store for the specific breed that you like, and also you can adopt a full breed dog in a shelter.

Here are the top 7 things you must know:

  1. If you train a dog to have good manners, it will become a good pet.
  2. Dogs are known as a man’s best friend. Although, we are absolutely two different species. Training them is a very difficult thing to do. You need to spare a lot of time if you want your dog to learn to behave and learn some tricks. We train them to behave well to be a good dog. Our relationship with them is remarkable. Once you train them, they will acknowledge you as their master.
  3. If you buy a puppy, you will have to start from square one. Patience is key.
  4. Puppies are not housetrained. Prior to coming to your home, you dog lived in a cage all their life. If you decide on keeping them in the house, you must train them to not go potty on your carpet or floor. If you adopt a dog from the shelter, it is most likely the dog is already potty-trained. Not only is it cheaper, but if you get lucky, you might get a dog that already knows tricks.
  5.  Pet stores breed for profits. The dog’s health is the last thing they care about.
  6. You deny saving a dog when you buy from them. You are making it worse by encouraging breeders to breed more puppies. It will be overpopulated to the extent that we need to euthanize even more dogs than we already are. 1.2 million dogs are being euthanized each year (ASPCA). Most people care only about the money that they will get. Those people do not care about their conditions. Adopting a dog in a shelter, you can lessen the population of stray, abused, and neglected dogs.
  7. Every rescue dog has a story to tell.

If you buy a dog in a pet store, you do not know where it came from. The store will not care if you have a problem with the dog. Most of them don’t even have refunds! Adopting a dog from a shelter especially if it comes from a rescue group, they will provide all the information they know, so it wouldn’t be difficult to fulfill your new best friend’s needs.

Puppies overall are harder to train. Therefore, a person who has time and money would be a suitable owner for puppies. Adopting a dog will not only make you feel better, but you will also save a life. Agree or disagree? Comment Below!



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