Textbooks can cost far more than you have budgeted. Thankfully, there are ways to make it more affordable, including using Amazon for better prices. First thing you want to do is to check how much your book is at your local bookstore. Usually, you will find this price on your local bookstore web page, when you put in your subject information on the class you are about to take.

Once you check the price, write it down. Get the ISBN for your book. Also, get the title, the addition number, and the author. Sometimes, you won’t be able to find the book by just searching it using the ISBN.

Next, head to Amazon. Put your ISBN in the Amazon search bar. If you find it, great. If you don’t, try searching for the title of your book, including the addition number and the author. Technical books requiring calculation may have a solutions book. If you find this, then that is awesome. If you don’t, you could use check study guide.



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It is a good idea to determine when you’ll need the book. Therefore, if you get this information months before your school starts, that is the way to go, before the rush of other students requesting it.

Once you have found the book you need, try to go to the used section. Sometimes, the used section will show conditions, such as like new or very good. I always try to go for these used books, especially if I know I could save a couple hundred dollars or maybe even 10 or 20 bucks. It is worth it!

Although, remember to check out the reputation of the seller you are buying from. I usually buy from sellers who have a reputation of 92% and above. Most times, I never have problems with these kinds of sellers. If you also find a book being sold by a new seller, be wary. If the seller has put additional information such as an additional picture, description, then I would go for it. This seller has taken the time to take a picture and put up a description. Because, they really want to sell this book. You can also send a message if you have any questions about the specific book. If that person took the time to write a description, then it is most likely that they will respond to your message at a timely manner.

Once you have decided on the book and vendor you want, you can now check it out on your cart. What I usually do is to have a backup book. If I cannot buy the first book I wanted, I would make sure my second preference book is in my cart.

Going back to the solutions manual, I don’t think anybody needs a brand-new solutions manual, unless you really need to pass this class or you cannot find a solutions manual anywhere.

Checking Amazon for your lowest price of textbooks is the way to go! Some of the books sold on Amazon do not even have highlights or writing on them, and they are significantly cheaper than the brand-new one your college bookstore. If you can’t find your book on Amazon, you can go on Chegg to rent it. Also, if you need a solutions manual but it is not available from the publisher, Chegg probably has the solution manual. The solution manual has been answered by the experts. It is not an official solutions manual, but it is very close. And can provide you heaps of help to pass your courses with flying colors.

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