How Windows 10 Can Boost Your Productivity and Make You Finish Every Project on Time

Windows 10 review

Windows is back with a beautiful round number 10 and the brand new operating system is going back to its original old school design, but much faster, improved, intuitive and practical. I consider Windows 10 to be much more practical especially for students and there are many things in the new Windows that will give you a lot better experience and improve your student and work life.

First to answer the questions that everyone who doesn’t own ten asks. Is Windows 10 better than XP, 7, 8 or 9?

Yes, Windows 10 is better. Windows 7 is cool, intuitive practical, great, but it’s already old news. Windows 8 is newer, but we can all agree that it was a little bit a try-hard-experiment-that-made-the-windows-8-worst-than-any-other-windows. Windows 9 was skipped because they knew it was not gonna be good and after the failure of 8 and 9, we have Windows 10.

So what makes Windows 10 so great for studying, learning, college, work, productivity and similar things.

The Start Menu is Back!

In the new Windows, the start menu is back and it’s improved. We all remember the sad moment when Windows decided to remove the start menu from Windows 8. Now, there are tiles in the start menu but they are made very intuitively and are very practical. You can pin any tiles, folders and things.

Windows + a virtual assistant.

CortanaCortana is now part of Windows 10 and she’s really cool. She sits right next to the start menu and there are many options to boost your productivity.

-Her speech recognitions is really good. I am not a native English speaker and she understand me perfectly good.

-One of Cortana’s best sides is the reminders tab, which I believe is one of the Windows Features that takes reminders to the next level. There is a special tab for reminders and you can tell Cortana what she needs to remind you about and she will remind you about anything that you need to know and tell you all kinds of information that are important to you from one place.

-She also shows you the latest news by your choice, all your calendar schedules, appointments and reminders, flight info, traffic info, places to eat and drink, package tracking and anything else that you need.

 Cortana is definitely a highly recommended virtual assistant and just ask her to tell you a joke and she’ll give you a good laugh.

Windows 10 brand new Action center

When I had too many things to do and finish in one day, for example ,, study a couple of different subjects, write a dozens of articles, finish different projects and do many other tasks along the way I usually just gave up everything and procrastinated. The current rise of the technology is massively moving to improving the daily and long term organisation and productivity of a person and this has changed the way I look at organisation and productivity forever.

The Windows action center has brilliantly helped with all of these things. The action center can notify you about anything that you need to do and it’s one of my favorite places to go on my computer.


Windows 8 had an action system, but it was not very functional, because the notifications disappeared from your pc as soon as they faded from the screen. The new Windows has all of that fixed and plus it has quick action buttons for things like wi-fi, Bluetooth, OneNote(my favorite) settings and other buttons.


I have two favorite apps that boost my productivity and show up on the action notification center.


  1. Wunderlist. This is a To-do list app that is extremely practical, easy to use and it’s free. I just add anything that I need to do, the time that I need to start doing it, do it and finish it. And I don’t have to worry about anything, because I know that Windows action center is going to notify me.
  2. OneNote is Windows official app for notes and it’s really practical and easy to use. I use it to jot down all kinds of notes, things, ideas and other stuff.

Date and time

The calendar is really improved in Windows 10 and it’s made much more practical, but my new favorite feature is the improvement in the clock. Recently I started to use a lot of different time zones, because I needed to meet up with people from different time zones and do all kinds of different things that had deadlines and were in another part of the world in another different time zone. I previously used an app for this, but I no longer need it, because I can add different time zone directly to my Windows 10 time and date feature. This saves me a lot of time, husle, worrying that I will miss something because of all the hussle with the different time zones.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser from Microsoft that replaces Internet explorer. So how good is Edge? Edge is an excellent browser. One of the things that I love about edge is that the system requirements are much lower.
Other cool features about Edge are:

  • The hub – this is a place where you can keep things that you collect on the web and it’s really handy and practical. Here you can view reading lists, browsing history, and current downloads.
  • Write on the web – This is another excellent feature in this new browser and it allows you to take notes, write, doodle and highlight directly on the web pages. This feature is very practical and is one of the reasons that I am considering switching from Chrome to Edge
  • Reading list – This is a cool feature on Edge and with it you can save articles and other content that you want to read later.
  • Cortana is built into Edge and she is a really useful assistant.
  • Bing is not Google, but it seems to be improved a lot.

I still use and prefer Chrome because I have been using it for a long time and I am really used to it.

All in all, Windows 10 is an operating system that is very intuitive, optimised and organised, and this makes it great for boosting your productivity and organisation.

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