Tutoring is a long-traditional role for university and graduate students. The pay is reasonable and the hours are flexible, making it a great position for the juggling of classes and part-time jobs that define so many university students lives. In today’s advanced technological world, the opportunities to become a tutor abound, and you never even need to leave your room. All you need is the know-how and an Internet connection.

Finding the right places online that are trustworthy, can be hard to find. We looked at seven of the best places online to be a tutor. If you are ever uncertain, contact the National Tutoring Association for verification.

1. Chegg

Chegg offers many services, tutoring included. Most tutors start at $20 an hour and provide a lot of flexibility. To become a tutor with Chegg you will need to provide transcripts and documentation showing your studies of strength. Chegg also pays on a weekly basis. College students are encouraged.

2. Tutor.com

Tutor.com is looking for tutors in high-demand areas. You will be required to take an exam to prove you do have an expertise in your claimed area. All of the work you will do with Tutor.com is online as well. Most of tutor.com tutors average about $13/hour. As long as you are pursuing a degree, you have met one of the qualifications of Tutor.com

3. TutorVista

At TutorVista, you have one of the pioneering online tutoring companies. They have been perfecting the online tutoring field for many years, and they are connected with Pearson, a leading education and publication conglomeration. You can expect a pay range of $8-10/hour with TutorVista.

4. Webwise tutors

Webwise tutors values their tutors highly. They do have steep requirements for tutoring, beyond an expertise and passion for a field, they also require their tutors to have their teaching certification and a BA or BS degree completed. At Webwise, the pay ranges from $11-13/hour.

5. Student-tutor

We pay $16-$25/hour depending on subject and if in-person or online.

-Laura (Student-Tutor Rep)

Student-tutor is just as their name describes, valuing the university student as a tutor. They will require you to do a background check and expect to be tested on your skills in adaptability. They value your ability to communicate and create thorough lessons plans over a 4.0 GPA. Average pay isn’t readily available on this page, but an important question to ask in the beginning to make sure the time is valuable to what you will be paid.


6. Withcoach

Withcoach is an excellent online tool to help tutors and teachers have resources to look professional, including a public calendar you can share with your students.

7. Skooli

skooli tutor

Skooli requires a lot from their tutors, not only is their background checks with highest safety standards in mind, like Webwise Tutors, you are required to be a certified teacher. Although, Skooli pays their tutors $25/hour.

If you are a university student looking for a flexible part-time job, and you are passionate about helping others learn — tutoring could be the perfect fit for you! For the more adventurous types, you can consider setting up your own profile on a place like Care.com.

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