Best OS 2016: Windows 10 won the battle versus OS X

Which is the best operating system,  Windows 10 by Microsoft or Mac OS X El Capitan by Apple? In this article, we share a  detailed and in-depth comparison of the two operating systems. In this article, we will compare the two  OS, about their interface, multitasking features, special features, Search, Included Web Browsers, Phone integration, Apps and App stores, Sharing and Social integration. We are also comparing which of the 2 operating systems is better for college students.


The Interface


The interface is a crucial aspect of every operating system. The biggest change on Windows 10 is the return of the all familiar start button. Like Windows 7, Windows XP, and the other versions, the start button helps you do crucial things on your PC, like searching for programs, controlling and editing your system, launching apps. The start button is modernised, its design is a bit different, much more customizable than before, you can pin applications to it resize it and more. Another big thing is the new taskbar. It is innovative, and it gives you a multitasking view, that is somewhat familiar with OS X. It is worthy to mention that all the icons are different, and the whole system is overhauled, and modern. It seems like Microsoft has listened to its customers and brought back all the features that Windows 8 missed and included more.


Next up is Mac OS X El Capitan. The interface is not much newer; the changes are little compared to the changes in the interface made by OS X Yosemite. The first thing you will notice is how they changed your cursor. Sometimes when you cannot find it, and you drag your finger left and right on the trackpad to find it/ Now when you do that the cursor pops up, so it is easier to find it. While not much is changed in the interface the biggest change to this OS is the performance improvements, apps launch faster, the OS boots faster, and everything feels much more smoother.


To conclude both systems offer an excellent interface but Windows 10 provides a far better one because it is much more customizable, it has a ton of features, and it is faster than the Mac.


Multitasking Features.


Let’s talk operating system’s multitasking features. Windows 10 has many multitasking features, and here we will name a few. First is the Snap. Snapping is a Windows 10 treat, it’s an excellent way to use your desktop more efficiently if you have more than one apps opened. To snap a window, all you need to do is drag the top of an app window to the side. It’s easy as that. It’s a neat feature if, for example, you’re watching a video and chatting with someone at the same time.

Another neat multitasking feature is task view. If you tap the Windows button + Tab, you can see all your opened apps or windows on the screen, or you can swipe the left side of the screen to view the task view. It is an excellent feature because you can jump across your apps very quickly and this feature is very fast.

Next on the list is Virtual Desktops. This feature is a step further from Task View. While Task View is opened, you can create a new virtual desktop by tapping the new desktop button on the lower right corner. For example, you can have Edge and Office opened on one desktop and, twitch and youtube in the other. Elegant feature.

One of the most important multitasking features to know are the keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of few awesome shortcuts that you can use, and you probably didn’t know about.


Keyboard ShortcutAction
Windows key + TabOpen Task view
Alt + TabSwitch between open apps
Ctrl + Alt + TabView open apps
Windows key + arrow keySnap app windows left, right, corners, maximize, or minimize
Windows key + CommaTemporarily peek at the desktop
Windows key + Ctrl +DAdd a virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrowSwitch between virtual desktops
Windows key + CommaTemporarily peek at the desktop
Windows key + HomeMinimize all but the active desktop window (restores all windows on the second stroke)
Windows key + DShow/hide desktop


Windows is touchpad friendly and has many touchpad gestures. Here are the ones specific to multitasking.

1: Show Task view: If you’re viewing all open windows (from the step above), swipe up again with three fingers.

2: Show the desktop: Place three fingers on the touchpad and swipe them towards yourself.

3: Switch between open windows: Place three fingers on the touchpad and swipe right or left.

These are just a few of the multitasking features available on Windows 10.


In Mac OS X El Capitan the only feature that comes in mind here is the Split View. After many years, Mac finally received some multitasking features, and that is Split View. It basically splits the screen allowing you to use two apps simultaneously. It enables you to drag one or the other app, by doing this you can increase the space the app takes on the screen. You can access Split View by clicking the small green dot at the top left of your app. In this category Windows 10 paces with flying colors. There is no doubt about it.


Special features.


The best exclusive feature of Windows 10 is Cortana. Cortana is a smart and fun personal assistant to have around on your computer. She offers you all the information available on the web. It can perform all sorts of tasks, and she can search your hard drive, create reminders, play music, set alarms, and can even tell you jokes.


Second in mind is the all new web browser by Microsoft, Microsoft Edge. It’s one of the cleanest and fastest browser around, with features like clutter free reading view and more. This browser is in its infancy. It’s too early to say what will it evolve into, but the start is very promising.


Next on the list is Action Center. It’s a much-needed feature for Windows because it’s the place where you can find all your notifications and even it has shortcuts for your standard functions, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as changing between tablet and desktop view.

Now that I’ve mentioned tablet view let’s talk a little about tablet view. Tablet view is made for all Windows 10 devices that are running on a tablet. Here it’s very convenient because if you have a tablet you can click the tablet changing button, and you’re tablets functions as normal. But if you change it to PC mode, you can add a mouse and keyboard. And just like that you’ve transformed your Windows 10 tablet to a Windows 10 PC.

Next in line is the XboX app. This app is great for gamers who want to transfer their game from the living room TV to the PC screen. These are the special features that come in mind.


Special features on the Mac OS X El Capitan. Pin tabs in safari. In Safari you can “Pin” your favorite sites to the top menu bar, it’s a very convenient way to access your favorite sites quickly. The best unique feature that comes in mind on the Mac is “Metal”. Metal is a graphics API (application program interface). It enables developers to tap the power of the GPU directly. This API improves the performance in almost every app on the Mac available, from intensive apps to casual gaming apps.

Again Windows 10 takes the win here.




In Windows 10 Cortana is your stalker and whatever you search for she’s there to help you and guide you to your information. With Cortana you can search everything in your PC, from folders and files to settings, you just name it. But if you don’t fancy Cortana there is the Search box here you’ll get suggestions and answers to your questions, and you can search results from the PC and the Internet.


In the Mac OS X system, the search app is called Spotlight search. With Spotlight search, you can search your Mac for things like apps, documents, images and other files. To open Spotlight, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, or press Command-Space from any app.


In this category, Windows is the clear winner because Cortana is one of the best assistants out there and the  Siri assistant that is available on the iPhones and iPads is still not available on Mac.


Included Web browsers


You may think that there’s only one browser included in Windows 10. I’m afraid you’re mistaken.

There are two included web browsers, which are Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Explorer. As I’ve said before Microsoft Edge is one of the most promising web browsers out there, it’s fast, clean and secure. The only main disadvantage to it’s Explorer counterpart is the lack of extensions. But if you need those extensions you’ve got your faithful old Explorer there. We think we know all about Explorer, but here that’s not the case. Explorer is much improved over the last one. It’s also fast, clean and secure. But I think the future is Edge. To summarise, Windows comes with two browsers, one of them is a complete browser and the other its young fast and inspiring brother. You’ll have no problem using them both.


The only Browser build in Mac OS X El Capitan is Safari. Safari is a thing on its own, as the other two browsers mentioned it’s fast. Apple claims that it’s the fastest browser out there. It is quick, and secure but, in my opinion, the best feature of Safari is that it’s very optimized at battery saving.

In this category, there is no winner. Because both operating systems offer excellent web browsers, and you wouldn’t go wrong with either of them. One thing to note is that Safari is only available on Mac OS X, at least, the newest version that is. So I wouldn’t install the old Safari on my Windows. But this goes for the other two browsers for the Windows. There isn’t even a version of Edge available for Mac and the Explorer for Mac is very outdated.


Phone integration.


Next on the list is phone integration. Windows 10 is designed to show love to all the devices you own. But the best thing about it is its phone integration. If you own a Windows Phone, Android or iPhone, you’ll be very delighted at the app available for it. The app lets you transfer everything imaginable to your phone, including files, photos, music, word documents and many more. When you launch the Phone Companion App on your PC, you’re immediately taken to a screen where you’re prompted to choose the phone you have. It’s worthy to note that for Android or iPhone there are a few more steps to do to get the right apps on your phone to make it work great in conjunction with your Windows 10 PC.

On the Mac side. The integration is very limited on every other phone except the iPhone. If you own an iPhone, you will be delighted. There are many awesome features for it. They are, you can make a call on your Mac, you can receive a call on your Mac. You can send and receive messages on your Mac if your phone is connected to it. You can drop files between the devices. But the best feature is the “Handoff” feature. Let’s say you’ve started writing something on the Mac you can continue it on your iPhone and so on.

This category is a close one, but it goes to Windows 10 the reason being that Windows 10 is optimised excellent with every other device.


Apps and App Stores


Windows 10’s App store didn’t have much time to develop as it’s Mac’s counterpart. But it’s a step in the right way. Windows 8 App store had a huge trouble with apps on it because it’s counterparts Apple and Google were ways ahead, but as I mentioned before, with Windows 10 things have started to move in the right way for Microsoft. Mainly because a lot of users are adopting Windows 10 because of their free update policy. Things have gotten much better, and the latest version of the Windows Store is clean, attractive, and well organized.

Mac’s App Store. One of the best Apps stores out there. It’s very well organized; it’s clean and attractive. On top of that it offers thousands of apps, some of them exclusive for the Mac ecosystem and it’s worthy to mention that installation of apps on Mac is a breeze.


This department has a very clear winner, and it’s the Mac. Both Windows 10 and Mac have App stores. The one more evolved is the Mac app, simply because it had a lot more time to develop. In the coming years, Microsoft will probably catch up, and the competition emerging from that will contribute to greater improvements by everyone, and it will benefit us all.


Sharing and Social Integration


Windows 10 features many social and sharing integrations on its system, and the best that come in mind is the People App and the streaming feature and the social integration with the Xbox One.

The People app is your address book and your social app all in one. You can add your contacts, see updates on social networks (like Twitter), and keep in touch with friends and family on Skype—all from a single app. The People, Mail, and Calendar apps work together. So when you email a contact from Mail, the app picks up that person’s email address the People app (which is where their contact info lives). Also, there is a sharing feature on Windows 10 called The Share Tab. Once you click the Share tab from the File Explorer, you’ll be greeted by many different tools and options that you can use to make sharing the files from your computer faster than ever before. You can share files by Bluetooth or share files for other computers that are on the same network. Also, there is Microsoft Cloud. Where you can share all your files with the devices, you own.

A mentioned before Mac OS X has its continuity, which enables you to share all your files, all your photos, etc. with the iPhone. But worthy to mention is that Apple has its own cloud solution called iCloud. iCloud links all your devices, making them connected and secure. For example, if you have activated iCloud on your iphone, if you lose that iPhone you can lock it or erase its content remotely. The main disadvantage of Apple sharing features is that they are only available for Apple products.

This category is a close one, but the winner is Windows because it covers all devices under its operating system, which is a huge thing for Android or Windows users.


To summarise everything. Both systems are well optimised; they are fast and very secure. They offer the best interfaces around; they have many features and tools available. But the main advantage of Microsoft here is that Windows 10 is much more original, innovative and an operating system for all, the Mac OS X, on the other hand, Seems to be losing his edge and is a system only reserved for people who only have Apple products.


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