5 mistakes to avoid in writing

Everybody often enough makes mistakes in writing, and that’s ok. Here are the five most common mistakes in writing that will help you improve your writing skill dramatically.

 1. Misuse of Commas


The main purpose of a comma is to tell readers to take a pause before continuing. Many writers either use too many commas or not enough. The best way to know whether you have too many or not enough commas is by reading your writing out loud. If you see that you pause too much, it means that you have too many commas.


2. Incorrect Capitalization


Some writers have a desire to CAPITALIZE any word they want, and others do not capitalize anything at all. In mid-sentence try to capitalize only proper nouns, like names of places, people, and businesses.


3. Misspelling


Avoid misspelling like the plague


4. Wordiness


Not needed words and phrases diminish the quality in your work.


5. Missing determiners


“a,” “an,” and “the” helps the readers follow the story much more quickly. Do not forget the determiners.

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