10 Freshmen Tips for College

High school and college are two entirely different things; therefore, we are here to give you some freshmen tips to get you started off on the right foot in college. In college, classes are harder, life is harder, you have more freedom, and you are in an entirely new environment. So, yes, you need tips for college.


In between classes go to the library


When you have spare time, even if it’s half an hour or several hours, go to the library and do some work. You can accomplish a lot during this free period in the day, and you will gain much more free time.


Ask questions


Is something unclear? Don’t be afraid, the teacher is probably not going to murder you, raise your hand and ask your stupid question. You will get answers, learn things more easily, and you are most likely not the only one who is confused, and with this, you will get on the good side with your professor and with you classmates. Plus, asking questions shows you are paying attention and are interested in the class. Whenever something is unclear, just ask, you will save yourself a lot of troubles.


Stay on track


Don’t fall behind with your assignments and studying. Do not wait until the last second to start learning. Learn the material as soon as you leave the classroom, you can even learn the material at the library in between classes (that’s what I call productivity).


Get at least a couple of friends in every class

Find someone who is going to share their notes and help you out. Sometimes you might miss a class, forget to write something, or need someone to brainstorm and work on a project together. This can be a life-saver in many situations.


Become a freelancer


In college, you will notice all the beauties of freedom, and you will most likely get tired of asking your parents for money. You are going to want to pay for your own stuff. Check out these articles about the benefits of freelancing while in college:


Make money as a college student on Upwork


Make money as a college student on Fiverr



Get an internship

The best way to advance in your career is to get an internship every summer. Internships are one of the bests ways to get experience in your field and cement all the head knowledge you have been filing away each semester.



Choose your courses wisely


Decide which courses you want, research what you are going to learn, and find out what you actually want to take. Also, find out what kind of professors are teaching it, you don’t want to be completely demotivated on the subject because of a bad teacher.


Learn time management and productivity


If you want to be able to have a great college life, this one is a must. You have to learn how to be more productive and how to manage your time.


Learn how to speed read

Knowing how to speed read is an excellent skill, and you should spend some time learning how to do it right. With speed reading, you are going to see a big improvement in your learning. Read up more on speed reading:

What is speed reading and what are the benefits of it?



Explore everything in your new environment: the campus, the city, go on adventures. Explore everything, so you know who you are and what you want even better.







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